UEC asks overseas voters to tolerate inconvenience — Advance voting abroad begins this week at Myanmar embassies


Following the beginning of advance voting for overseas Myanmar nationals this week, the Union Election Commission requested on Friday that voters have be patient with inconveniences in casting their ballots at embassies.
The UEC understands that it is a huge task for Myanmar embassies to arrange convenient advance voting abroad due to weak experience in holding elections and limited staff at the embassies, and the voters abroad are requested to understand inconveniences there, said the statement issued by the UEC Friday.
Myanmar nationals in Singapore and the Republic of Korea cast their ballots at Myanmar embassies on Thursday and Friday for the election that will be held on 8 November in Myanmar.
As part of its voter education programme, the government has developed the mVoter 2015 mobile app, which is available to the public at www.maepaysoh.org.
Myanma Radio and Television has also publicised mobile election apps and ways to use them. State-run have dailies also regularly covered election apps.

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