UEC removes UDP candidates from upcoming elections


The Union Election Commission announced the cancellation of the election candidates of United Democratic Party which was recently terminated, according to the commission’s meeting 50/2020 yesterday.
During the meeting, the commission ordered the sub-commissions of the respective states and regions, Union Territory, Self-administered Division / Zones and Sub-commissions of the District Election Commissions to remove the names of the candidates who will represent the UDP party in 2020 General Election from the candidate lists in accordance with the Sub-section (c) and (d) of the Article 36 of the Hluttaw Election Act.
The commission announced the dissolution of United Democratic Party in line with Section 12-(b) of the Political Parties Registration Law as the party failed to comply with provisions in Section 12, Sub-section a-iv of the Political Parties Registration Law and Section 15, Sub-section b, c, and f of the Political Parties Registration Act.
UDP election candidates also lost their rights to be elected as Hluttaw representatives in 2020 General Election as they failed to comply with the provisions of the Sub-section (h) of the Article 10 of the Hluttaw Election Law. — MNA (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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