UEC Chairman U Hla Thein meets Kayah State sub-commissions

Union Election Commission Chairman U Hla Thein meets with officials of election sub-commissions of Kayah State yesterday. Photo: MNA
Union Election Commission Chairman U Hla Thein meets with officials of election sub-commissions of Kayah State yesterday. Photo: MNA

Union Election Commission (UEC) Chairman U Hla Thein held a meeting with officials of election sub-commissions of Kayah State at the sub-commission’s office in the state yesterday morning.
Kayah State election sub-commission Chairman U Than Soe and members, chairpersons of district and township level sub-commissions and electoral officials attended the meeting.
The UEC Chairman delivered a speech first where he explained that the UEC continuously strives to make all elections conform with the five norms of being free, just, transparent, trusted and accepted by all, and producing results congruent with the will of the citizens of the nation.
He said 2019 was designated for compiling the electoral roll and officials compiled the list from the township level according to set directives. There were four directives to the process, said the UEC Chairman.
He said the first was to collect demographic information and review them, the second was to compile the electoral roll, the third was to monitor changes to the demographic and electoral roll and make monthly amendments where necessary, and the fourth was to put up the electoral rolls for public viewing. He said they are currently in the stages of the third directive.
U Hla Thein said the UEC works hard to ensure all eligible citizens do not lose the opportunity to exercise their voting rights and he urged the sub-commissions to be vigilant in ensuring the electoral rolls are comprehensive and updated regularly.
He said they should cooperate with political parties and civil society organizations during the fourth directive’s phase to put up the electoral rolls where the public can view them unhindered and to raise voter awareness.
The UEC organized three workshops on building capacity related to election processes in Nay Pyi Taw back in November 2019 for respected persons and functionaries of sub-commissions of the states/regions, Union Territory, self-administered zones/division, and districts, said U Hla Thein.
He said the chairpersons, members and functionaries who attended those workshops are responsible for imparting what they have learned in their relevant districts. He said the workshops aimed to equip sub-commissions with the necessary skills to ensure all elections are held in accordance with existing laws, bylaws, directives and procedures.
The UEC Chairman said the Union Government has permitted conferring of a financial reward for the entire year of 2020 on three election sub-commission members from across the country who are not civil servants but are highly respected. He said the three persons, a chairperson and two members, will receive the rewards through a rotation system starting from this month.
U Hla Thein concluded his speech by saying all the sub-commissions must fulfill their assigned duties to ensure the 2020 General Elections are held in accordance with the five norms. Next, Kayah State Election Sub-Commission Secretary U Kyaw San Win explained the progress of their election-related processes and the UEC Chairman delivered a closing speech. — Riral (Dimawhso) (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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