UEC defends its proposed budget for general election

Union Information Minister U Ye Htut.
Union Information Minister U Ye Htut.
Member of UEC  U Win Ko.
Member of UEC
U Win Ko.

The 2015 General Election is a national duty and the proposed budget for the Union Election Commission should be considered in this light, a UEC member told representatives at the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw session on Tuesday.
One representative of the house said the K 5,700.811 million for reception under the budget is enough to build 126 rural healthcare centres, calling for it to be cut.
At the session, Union Election Commission member U Win Ko explained that the proposed budget of the commission includes K 2.5 million for reception costs and K 5,698.311 million for costs of meals for volunteers for voting booths, as well as sub-commission chairmen and secretaries of sub-commissions, who do not receive any salaries
or allowances.
As there will be 46,489 voting booths in the entire country in 2015 General Election, cutting the proposed budget should be considered in light of the national duty of holding the general election, he added.
Union Minister for Information U Ye Htut said that money the ministry earned is the net profits of the ministry from newspapers, advertisements and other general earnings, after deducting production costs, management costs and commercial taxes. The union minister added that general earnings of the News and Periodicals Enterprise, which reaches K 100 million every year, comes from newspapers and advertisements, while costs for assets are divided into yearly expenditure, which is paid as annual expenditure to the government.

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