UEC’s announcement on updated list of winning parties until 8 pm on 14 November

SrWinning Party Pyithu HluttawAmyotha HluttawRegion/State HluttawRegion/State (Ethnic National) Hluttaw
1.National League for Democracy Party25813850120
2.Union Solidarity and Development Party26738
3.Shan Nationalities League for Democracy Party13227
4.Arakan National Party447
5.Mon Unity Party2361
6.Pa-O National Organization Party317
7.Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party327
8.Kayah State Democratic Party233
9.Arakan Front Party12
10.Kachin State People’s Party13
11.Wa National Party12
12.New Democracy Party (Kachin)11
13.Shan Nationalities Democratic Party1
14.Kayin People’s Party1
15.Chin National League for Democracy Party1
16.Lahu National Development Party11
17.Zomi Congress for Democracy Party11
18.Kayan National Party1
19.Lisu National Development Party1

Total winning seats of political parties

SrWinning Party Winning seats
1.National League for Democracy Party917
2.Union Solidarity and Development Party71
3.Shan Nationalities League for Democracy Party42
4.Arakan National Party15
5.Mon Unity Party12
6.Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party12
7.Pa-O National Organization Party11
8.Kayah State Democratic Party8
9.Kachin State People’s Party4
10.Arakan Front Party3
SrWinning Party Winning seats
11.Wa National Party3
12.New Democracy Party (Kachin)2
13.Zomi Congress for Democracy Party2
14.Lahu National Development Party2
15.Shan Nationalities Democratic Party1
16.Kayin People’s Party1
17.Chin National League for Democracy Party1
18.Kayan National Party1
19.Lisu National Development Party1

Total number of elected Hluttaw representatives

SrParty NamesPyithu HluttawAmyotha HluttawRegion/State HluttawTotalRemark
Region/State HluttawEthnic National
1.National League for Democracy Party25813850120917 
2.Union Solidarity and Development Party2673871 
3.Shan Nationalities League for Democracy Party1322742 
4.Arakan National Party44715 
5.Ta-arng (Palaung) National Party32712 
6.Mon Unity Party236112 
7.Pa-O National Organization Party31711 
8.Kayah State Democratic Party233 8 
9.Kachin State People’s Party134 
10.Arakan Front Party123 
11.Wa National Party12 3 
12.Lahu National Development Party112 
13.Zomi Congress for Democracy Party112 
14.New Democracy Party (Kachin)112 
15.Kayan National Party11 
16.Kayin People’s Party11 
17.Shan Nationalities Democratic Party11 
18.Chin National League for Democracy Party11 
19.Lisu National Development Party11 
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