Understanding, cooperation key for successful resettlement of IDPs

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To close IDP camps and resettle the internally displaced with dignity, a National Strategy, written in keeping with current requirements and international standards, was adopted in October, 2019. So far, five IDP camps in Kachin State, five in Shan State and four in Rakhine State have been closed, and resettlement for the IDPs from two camps in Kayin State are being discussed as part of efforts for closing the camps.
At present, there are 125 IDP camps nationwide and the government is taking further steps for the resettlement of the displaced people and closure of the camps. For the resettlement of IDPs and closure of IDP camps, in accordance with the national-level strategy, we should take cautious steps, since we are under the scrutiny of the international community, noting that some countries and organizations are putting pressure on the government that coincide with our implementation.
The officials concerned are advised to discuss the national strategy, policies and tasks with the IDPs to ensure they clearly understand the government’s policy, which is committed to ensuring that displaced people rebuild their lives with safety and dignity, without depending upon others.
It is worth noting that cooperation and consensus from the IDPs through their clear understanding of the government’s policy is key for successful implementation of the IDP resettlement strategy. Hence, details about the government’s plans need to be provided at IDP camps in Kayin, Kachin, Rakhine and Shan states till residents of these camps gain confidence to return to their place of origin or a place of their choice in future.
The resettlement of IDPs would be carried out in a manner that is consistent with the rules and regulations of the respective region and state governments. Also, choosing the sites for relocation and land management must be carried out in conformity with the law.
When it comes to the closure of IDP camps, we must not lose sight of our special goal of IDP resettlement with safety and dignity. Before closing down camps, the political, social, and security aspects of the IDP camps in Kachin, Kayin, and Shan states must be given consideration. Armed conflicts uprooted scores of people from their homes in Myanmar and forced them to take shelter in camps for the displaced in Kachin, Shan, Kayin, and Rakhine states. Even after the armed conflicts ceased, the issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs) remained unresolved for years. All hands from local communities, civil organizations, international organizations, and UN agencies should be on deck in efforts to end this issue in the country to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

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