Understanding land use policy is beneficial for land management system

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Some 70 percent of Myanmar’s population resides in rural areas and depends on agriculture and livestock breeding. An agriculture development strategy was drawn up for Myanmar’s agriculture sector development, and the aim of the strategy was to raise the standard of living of small plot farmers in rural areas through a high yield, weather resistant agriculture sector in Myanmar that is self sufficient in food and nutrition, and can compete in the world market by 2030.
Therefore, the management of farmlands, as well as vacant, fallow and virgin lands, needs to be improved. Meanwhile, priority over land use and land rights should be given to the small farmers and landless farmers.
To achieve this, an agriculture policy and an agriculture development strategy have been adopted.
To conduct the main work processes effectively, it is required to form one of the National Land Use Council’s support committee agriculture development work committees.
Based on the outcome of the National Land Use Forum which was held in Nay Pyi Taw on 2 and 3 October, National Land Use Council’s duties and responsibilities, which are in line with the national land use policy, are to be firmly implemented to establish a systematic and appropriate land management system in Myanmar, and to draw up a national land law.
Four priority work processes will be conducted in regions and states for the effective implementation of the National Land Use Council’s duties and responsibilities, which will establish a proper land administration and management system to implement the aim, guidelines and basic principles of the National Land Use Policy.
At the same time, those who are using the vacant, virgin and fallow land without permission are urged to apply for land use to the central committee or regional committees in accordance with the Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Land Management Law-2018.
It is required that those using the above land should apply for permission six months after the law was enacted or their land would be confiscated in accordance with the law. If they decline to abandon the land, they would face legal action.
For the objectives, guidelines and basic principles of the National Land Use Policy to be truly effective, the relevant authorities, organisations and individuals need to fully understand its contents, so that they may also fully implement it.

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