Understanding learning as a resource for successful life


[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]ncreased voices for national education reform have hinted at an eagerness by the Myanmar people to contemplate how schooling should become radically different than old practices.
It is widely accepted that active participation in a transition to democracy takes a level of literacy and understanding to deal with complex issues of legislative, executive and judiciary processes. In this context, the formal education system is of utmost importance in providing students with the perception that intellectual engagement offers a way of considering what kind of learning situations they need to build competencies crucial for life. This commitment makes it necessary to create room for understanding learning as a resource for successful life.
It is worth noting the academic success of young people is of great help to the nation for economic, social and political reasons. It is therefore necessary to turn learning institutions into important places capable of equipping young people for success in modern society.
The education of the 21st century has called for new objectives of what students need, how learning should occur and who the learning is for, all of which are concerned with how to create learning environments that can guarantee students a quality education. It would be better if the new national education law could engage students in bringing their discrete skills learned at schools to deeper levels of understanding in real life so they would be ready for compelling challenges this century is likely to pose.
It is, however, understandable that the successful implementation of this dream education environment is not an easy task. No matter what, it is worth every bit of effort. School curricula should be designed to foster skills through diverse learning experiences that sharpen the ability of students to take on adult their roles with confidence and competence.

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