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UNESCO biosphere reserves of Myanmar

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The famous tourist destination sites of Myanmar —Innlay Lake and Indawgyi Lake have been designated as UNESCO biosphere reserves.
The world countries implement the nature-based tourism industry for their earnings and the tourism industry receives a certain amount of income during the pandemic.
Biodiversity and ecosystems, which are the main roles of tourism, are preserved, and the two ecosystems of the Innlay Lake and Indawgyi Lake are preserved by maintaining the socio-economic development of the local people living in these two areas while preserving the development of the ecosystems of the region and integrating the human and natural harmony.
The UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme is a successful plan and the member countries discuss the sustainable development of their biosphere, share their experiences and conservation of nature, value the human livelihoods and reduce the poverty.
The Innlay Lake and Indawgyi Lake draw the world travellers in addition to the Asian tourists and are rich in various biodiversities. The Innlay Lake is ASEAN Heritage Park, Man and Biosphere Reserve and Ramsar site. The department concerned and organizations are working hard for the sustainable development of Innlay Lake together with the residents.
“The Man and Biosphere is an intergovernmental scientific programme that aims to establish a scientific basis for enhancing the relationship between people and their environments. To conserve the Innlay lake, all the citizens and people living in these areas in addition to the Forest Department are responsible to do so. The various biodiversities, aquatic species and humans are living in the lake. If the people conserve the ecosystems, it can support the development of the tourism industry and the socio-economic status of local people. Moreover, the tourism industry earns for the country and so the world countries conserve the biospheres. The ecosystem and humans are interconnected and so we are proud that the UNESCO recognizes the two biosphere reserves,” said U Sein Tun, head of Natmataung National Park.
The officials submitted proposals of Innlay and Indawgyi lakes for UNESCO biosphere reserves in 2013 and the ICC reviewed the sites and recognized them after three years.
There are 727 biospheres in 131countries. Moreover, the neighbouring countries are conserving the biospheres. There are 22 global biodiversities and the Myanmar tourism industry boasts of two UNESCO biosphere reserves.—Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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