Our Union based on unity

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  • By Khin Maung Oo
  • National races—Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Myanmar, Mon, Rakhine, Shan and many other national ethnic people had collectively settled down in Myanmar, our country, for several thousand years. The community consisting of national races and ethnic people is called Myanmar as a whole. In the same way, the whole region in which all these national races and ethnic groups are collectively living is called “The Union of Myanmar.”
    In fact, since time immemorial prior to the emergence of the words, “Union” and “Nation” in the field of our everyday expressions, we—our national races and ethnic groups settled down here. Only if our social lives, cultural characteristics and historical background of that community have been thoroughly known, will Our Union, Our Nation be able to survive till thousands of years to come, with our valued national spirit unharmed.
    Now is the time of great importance for the Union affairs, Union Peace and security of the Union. Especially, due to the results of former colonization and lack of regional security in later time throughout the history the country had passed, Union affairs and the affairs of the nationals became the most important matter for the country. At the present time, destructive elements are trying to put it on the front burner placing this issue prominently before the international community, creating a big problem to harm the Union and its sovereignty.
    Based on the breach of Myanmar’s western gate and feebleness in nationalism, attacks of destructive elements inside and outside the country have been found to become greater and greater. In these attempts which are designed to destroy peace, stability and national security, some countries have provided advice as well as political and moral support.
    It can be implemented to strengthen and repair the breach of security in bordering areas and to rehabilitate national affairs in the short term, but we will find it difficult to uplift and revitalize our nationalistic spirit, as if trying to repair the hole in the ozone layer. It will take us much time to do so. At the time when the State is making its concerted efforts for breach of security not to occur, the whole populace as well must try its best to revitalize nationalism.
    Myanmar affairs were based on its historical background, so we must try to study and understand our historical background. As said by our Myanmar historians that a person without historical knowledge is totally naïve, being easily deceived, we are required to delve into our histories so that we can ascertain that our Union and our Nationals have a long and substantive historical background, which has lasted for thousands of years.
    Accordingly, no matter how much effort have been made to harm our national affairs, we can get rid of these potential risks provided that we, the whole populace living in this country, will fight against them, hand in hand in unity.
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