Union Farmer-Labour Force Party presents policy and programmes

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U Min Thu, Chairman of Union Farmer-Labour Force Party.
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U Min Thu, chairman of Union Farmer-Labour Force presented the policy, attitudes and working procedure of their party on Radio & Television on 21 February 2017.
The text of his presentation is given below.
Highly respectable and beneficent farmers and all the working populace!
From today on, I wish you all to be blessed with health and happiness till many years to come.
I am U Min Thu, chairman of Union Farmer-Labour Force Party.
First of all, I want to thank our beneficent farmers for my existence as the chairman of the present UFLF Party and for having an access to actively take part in politics, by eating rice meal they had grown as sustenance. And, I sent my heart-felt greetings to President of the State, chairman of Union Election Commission and the Ministry of Information who granted to present meaning of our party’s logo, policy and working procedure, all the staff of MRTV and all the voters.
We applied for the permission to found our UFLF Party on 29th April 2015, having the permission under party registration no/ 99 on 4th August 2015. The party’s central executive committee is comprised of 3 lawyers and legal experts including genuine farmers and workers.
Our respected people and voters!
1/ Party’s names and its meaning
Our party’s name is Union Farmer-Labour Force Party.
We aim at building a disciplined multi-party democratic country and making Myanmar’s farmers and workers known to the world with a great emphasis, by taking strength from cooperating hand in hand with successive governments for eternal peace and stability of farmers and workers living in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
2/ Party’s flag, symbol and its meaning
The image of a smiling and ebullient-faced farmer reaping paddy with a sickle in his hand in the green circle is drawn in the middle of a cogwheel and 14 same-sized and white-coloured stars with red coloured background.
(A) Red-coloured background represents red blood of farmers and workers and spirit of loyalty toward the country.
(B) 14 same-sized and white coloured stars represent 14 Regions and States and equality of all national brethren, without discrimination.
(C) Cogwheel represents the working populace inside Myanmar.
(D) Green circle represents guarantee of building a peaceful, stable and modernized nation with the force of farmers and workers in the Union.
(E) The image of a smiling and ebullient-faced farmer represents the spirit of a good father who will always support his offspring without informing of hardships and sufferings, regardless of any risks of enemies.
(F) The style of reaping paddy with a sickle in his hand represents the party’s commitment of sustainable effort to fulfill the need of food in the country.
(G) Hands of farmers holding sickles and hands of working populace represent the national spirit to defend the country hand in hand with the Tatmataw, when destructive elements outside the country harm the sovereignty of the State.
Flag and Logo of Union Farmer-Labour Force Party are the same.
Respected people and voters!
As regards policy and principles of the party,
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a country made up of 135 races of national ethnics living in 14 Regions and States. Accordingly, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar belongs to all the nationals and it is the country has its own stance on equality, freedom, justice and solidarity. In building up peaceful, stable and modernized Union, the UFLF Party was founded with the aim of upgrading the country into mechanized farming system for the progress of social life of farmers and workers in rural areas in Myanmar, implementing the industrial development and developing the living standards of workers in urban areas.
Our party is named after the agricultural country and the country in which most of the farmers and workers reside. Hence, by combining all the nationals, farmers and workers, joining with consecutive governments to come, and looking forward to peace and stability of the Union, our party UFLF was founded aiming at giving equal rights to every citizen under article 21 (A), chapter 1 of 2008 constitution, and equality in legal rights under article 347, chapter 8 of the constitution.
Our respected voters!
As regards our party’s policy on political affairs,
(A) Hands of farmers and workers serving 51 million people will stay alert to defend the country joining with Tatmataw provided that any destructive elements harm the sovereignty of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
(B) Our party will firmly hold its own stance that the Sovereignty of the State must go into the hands of the people as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a transparent and sovereign democracy-based State.
(C) For national reconciliation and for ceasing civil conflicts experienced since the time of gaining Independence of the State, our party will stand on its principles of defending national interest with the collective forces of national races, farmers and worker, without betraying nationalism, by negotiating peacefully, based on the vision of nationalism.
(D) Our party will firmly hold the principles that we must fulfill the needs of national races as the Union formed collectively by the Self-administrative States with equality of ethnic rights.
(E) In accord with the prescription that any transparent organization representing a social class can be set up, we will support and implement having an access
1/ to form organizations representing farmers,
2/ to form organizations representing workers,
3/ to form organizations representing national ethnic entrepreneurs,
4/ to form organizations representing women and youths, and
5/ to form Student Unions.
As regards our party’s policy on legal affairs,
Legislation and promulgation play an important role for peace and stability of a country. Only if the principle that no one is above the law is accepted and practiced, will rule of law develop in the country.
For farmers, there must the law on applying the farming land, and confiscation of farming lands must be performed in accord with the law.
Promulgation of laws for workers to get wages and salaries they deserve and laws for workers who lose limbs on the job to get compensations or monetary support they deserve, and the emergence of Ministry of Labour Affairs that can take responsibility and accountability for workers in accord with the law.
As regards our party’s policy on health,
Health is a major factor for the poor, farmers and workers, so we need a lot of medical staff. We are seeing rarity of medical staff in villages with poor conditions of communication and economy in these days. We will carry out medical affairs as a priority.
As regards our party’s policy on economy,
Our country is an agriculture-based country, in which poor farmers and workers mostly live. For our country to stand tall in the midst of the world, we assume that our country will develop only if w can upgrade the economy of the grass-roots. Accordingly, we need to lay great stress on stability of rice market and commodity prices for the convenience of strong economy of farmers and workers. So, we will implement economic plans linking with national entrepreneurs and foreign investors.
Respected voters and people!
As regards our party’s policy on education,
In making relations with world countries with keeping abreast with each other, education is the most important thing. So, standard of education in our country needs to be advanced. Especially, our rural areas need a lot of teaching staff. Education plays an important role in transforming manual farming into mechanized farming system for farmers. Only if our farmers are well-educated, can they acquire techniques and knowhow. Then, they will know how to systematically use agricultural machineries sold under the installment system by national co-operative syndicates and companies. If so, I want to say that it will be easy to gain the development of mechanized farming.
In the regions with poor economy and communication conditions, schools and teachers are rare. So, until now monthly paid teachers on the basis of daily wage are being employed. As they are not those trained at the educational colleges, the education of the country did not improve as desired. We will mainly solve these problems.
Our people and voters!
Our UFLF Party contested for 5 parliamentarian seats in general election in 8th November, 2015 in five township constituencies—Waw, Bago, Daik U, Kawa and Thanatpin.
In the by-election to be held in 1st April 2017, I myself will contest for the Amyotha Hluttaw seat in constituency 4, Nyaunglaybin township of Bago Region to have a right to stand up for farmers and workers in the Hluttaw. I will put up motions and debate in the parliament, pointing out some weakness in land laws during the reigns of successive governments. Therefore, I emphatically apologize to our voters living in Nyaunglaybin, to cast votes for me, if you have a desire to save the lives of farmers and workers.
We will enthusiastically present our party’s further plans to be done inside and outside Hluttaw, after the election. We will carry out these task:
1/ For our farmers who actually do farming to get timely agricultural loan disbursements,
2/ Managing to distribute pedigree paddy seeds to farmers, and promulgating laws that guarantee the responsibility and accountability for the sale of pedigree seeds from entrepreneurs,
3/ Selling fertilizers at reasonable prices,
4/ Creating markets for produce of rice and crops to catch prices it deserves,
5/ Conducting trainings for transforming manual farming to mechanized farming,
6/ Making farmers get loans according to acreage farmers actually grow,
7/ Making genuine farmers get form 7, right to do farming and making authority issue form7 to farmers,
8/ Building roads for transportation to sell agricultural produce in every village,
9/ Performing in consultation with the incumbent government not to confiscate farm land on which our beneficent farmers grow actually,
10/ Making farmers happy, by performing in consultation with the incumbent government and ministry of home affairs for giving backs confiscated farm land into hand of farmers and,
11/ For our farmers to be able to stand tall, by energetically performing the tasks in consultation with the incumbent government and respective ministries, concerning responsibility and accountability for opening cheap shops for the poor, farmers and workers and for workers from private companies to have rights fully.
Voters and respected people!
Our country is made up of simple and industrious farmers and workers. These farmers and workers of the State are like stars in the sky. Stars reflect light at night with the sunshine received from the sun. Only if the President of the State, State Counsellor and Speakers of 3 Hluttaws can perform the tasks with concerted effort, bearing Metta in their minds like the sunshine, can the poor, farmers and workers cast the light to the State.
Hence, our party places the image of a peasant, representing the peasantry and the image of a cogwheel representing all the working force on the flag. I hereby conclude my presentation by urging our farmers and workers not to jump down after thinking that it is too high, and to select Hluttaw representatives who will bravely discuss in the interest of farmers and workers inside the Hluttaws, by voting our candidates in coming by-election to be held in 1st April, 2017 so that they can have life and wish of similitude.
(Unofficial Translation)

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