Union Farmer-Labour Force Party presents policy, stance and work program

Chairman of U Min Thu.
Chairman of U Min Thu.
Party logo.
Party logo.

Chairman of Union Farmer-Labour Force Party presented the party’s policy, stance and work program from radio and TV on 21 September.
The following is a translation of the presentation.
Esteemed farmers and workers, I wish you all happiness.
I am, U Min Thu, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Union Farmer-Labour Force Party.
First I would thank the chair of the Union Election Commission, the President of the Union, the MRTV staff of the Ministry of Information for allowing us to present the definition of our emblem and our policy, stance and work program and the people watching the TV or listening to the radio and for allowing youths to brilliantly take part in the politics. As the chair of the party I also thank farmers for providing us our staple food.
The Union Farmer-Labour Force Party applied for party formation on 29-4-2015. We were permitted to set up the party under registration No (99) on 4-8-2015. Our central executive committee is formed with true farmers and workers, three lawyers and legal experts.
As an acknowledgment to the gratitude we owe to farmers and blue and white collar workers and to express their strength globally, our flag bears the image of a farmers harvesting the field with a sickle and the pinion, the symbol of workers.
Voters and the people,
The name of our party shall be called “Union Farmer-Labour Force Part” in English. The party is named and formed for harmoniously striving together with the successive governments for the emergence of a discipline-flourishing democratic state for ensuring peace and tranquility of the entire farmers and workers and for them to enjoy global notice and respect.
The meaning of the party flag and emblem
(a) The red flag has 14 stars in equal size and a pinion bearing the picture of a active and smiling farmer harvesting his field in its green centre.
(b) The red colour stands for the courage of farmers and workers and the loyalty towards the country. The 14 stars represent the 14 regions and states and the equality of all the national brethren without any discrimination.
(c) The pinion stands for the entire nationalities of the country.
(d) The green colour represents peace, stability and progress of the nation through the force of farmers and workers.
(e) The smiling and active farmer represents the father’s spirit to feed the children despite the hardships he is facing, and without letting know his children the hardships.
(f) The picture of harvesting the field with sickle means that efforts will be made through the force of farmers to ensure constant food safety for the country.
(g) The hands of the farmers holding sickles and workers stand for their national spirit to ward off any interference in the state’s sovereignty together with the Tatmadaw.
The party uses the same picture for its flag and emblem.
The people and voters, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is formed with 135 national races living in all 14 regions and states. So all the nationalities own the country based on equality, liberty, justice, unity. The party was formed to develop the social lives of farmers of the rural through the development of mechanized farming and to develop the industries for the progress of workers in building a peaceful and modern Union.
Farmers and workers are the great majority of the agro-based country. So, taking the combined force of farmers and workers, we have established our party for harmoniously joining hands with the successive governments in accord with the Section 21(a) of Chapter I, which states “Every citizen shall enjoy the right of equality, the right of liberty and the right of justice, as prescribed in this Constitution” and the Section 347 of Chapter VIII which states, “The Union shall guarantee any person to enjoy equal rights before the law and shall equally provide legal protection” in view of the peace and progress of the Union.
Voters and people,
We have the following policy
(a) Farmers and workers serving the interest of the 51 million people is always ready to join hands with the Tatmadaw in safeguarding the Republic of Union of Myanmar if there is any intrusion of its sovereignty.
(b) Our stance is to transfer the sovereign power to the people as the Republic of Union of Myanmar is based on independent sovereign democratic system for the transparent human community
(c) We will find an answer to end the conflicts we have faced since the country regained independence for the national reconciliation through peaceful dialogue based on national outlook, and will always safeguard the national interest with the strength of farmers and workers of the Union without betraying the national cause
(d) We seriously stand for fulfilling the aspiration of the people that is the Union formed with the states of the national races which have equality and self-determination
(e) In accordance with the right to form transparent organizations representing the masses and classes, we support and make way for the formation of
(i) organizations representing the farmers
(ii) organizations representing the workers
(iii) organizations representing the nationality entrepreneurs
(iv) women and youth organizations
(v) student union
As regards the judicial policy,
Legislation plays the main role in ensuring peace and stability. So no one should be above the law. There will be the rule of law only if the government and the entire people observe it on equal terms.
There must be the land ownership law for the farmers, and the seizure of any farm should be in accord with the respective law. A law must be enacted for workers to enjoy a decent wage. There must be the Ministry of Labour that accepts the responsibility and the accountability under law for providing due compensation for farmers who are injured or lost limbs in the worksite. In accord with the 2008 Constitution all must support the rule of law and fully enjoy the legal protection.
Health is the main concern for poor farmers and workers. So we need a lot of health staff. Currently less number of health staff arrives at villages where transport is poor. We will seriously deal with the matter.
As for the economic policy,
We are an agro-based country where the population of poor farmers and workers is high. The nation will develop and stand tall only if the situation of grassroots improves. So we will give priority to stabilizing the rice prices and market for ensuring a better economic situation for farmers and workers. We will also make contacts between nationality entrepreneurs and foreign investors.
As regards the education policy,
Education is the main requirement for the country to stand shoulder to shoulder with its foreign counterparts. So the education standard must be high. A large number of teachers is required in the rural areas. Knowledge plays the main role in changing from manual to mechanized farming. Farmers need knowledge to learn technology and systematically use the farm equipment provided by cooperative societies and companies under installment system. In this way we can pave the way for development of mechanized farming.
There are less schools and teachers in the places where transport is poor. Till now, village heads from those areas are hiring daily-wage teachers under and monthly paid system. As those teachers are not systematically trained at the education colleges, there is no development as expected. We will solve this problem.
The party took part in the general election held on 8 November 2015, as well as the by-election held on 1 April 2011. But the voters failed to put our candidates into the parliament. So the demonstrations calling for help will produce no results except from tarnishing the image of the government elected by the people. So we will take part in the coming by-election from Thabeilkyin Township constituency, PyinOoLwin District, Mandalay Region, to present at the parliament the matter in connection with the weakness in providing legal protection for farmers and workers.
In our programs in the interest of farmers and workers during the post-by-election period we will look into some of the weakness they are facing throughout the past successive years in the parliament and outside the parliament.
The party is rendering help to farmers at various places in accord with the law. In some instances, farmers were jailed for mistaken land ownership registration numbers.
Although farmers get back their seized land under the current government, only temporary permits are issued for them. They are facing a lot of difficulties to obtain the permanent permit. We will coordinate with the relevant ministry to solve the matter.
We will work
(i) to ensure that agricultural loans reach the real farmers
(ii) for enacting a law that guarantee responsibility and accountability by entrepreneurs and merchants in distributing quality seeds
(iii) for providing chemical fertilizers at reasonable prices
(iv) for fixing favourable prices and establishing markets for the crops
(v) for conducting training to transform to mechanized farming
(vi) for the real farmers to get loans based on the acres they are growing
(vii) for issuing permanent permits only to real farmers
(viii)for building production roads in every village
(ix) coordinating with the government in office to protect the farm where crops are actually cultivated from any seizures
(x) handing back over the seized farms to original owners under consultation with the government and the Ministry of Home Affairs for the happiness of farmers
(xi) coordinating with the government and the relevant ministries for opening special welfare shops for poor workers and for the entrepreneurs and companies to guarantee responsibility and accountability for the rights of workers for the farmers and worker to stand tall
Our country is built with sincere farmers and workers. They are like the stars in the sky. Stars can give light only when the sky is clear. Only if the President, the State Counsellor and the speakers of the three hluttaws make efforts to develop farmers and workers with the sunshine-like goodwill they can produce back light to the country. Our flag bears the image of a farmer representing his counterparts and the pinion representing the workers. So farmers and workers should not misunderstand our message. We urge them to elect the candidates who will boldly present matters in their interest at the parliament. May your dreams come true and may you be happy.
Thank you.
Translated by TMT

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