Union Farmer-Labour Force Party (UFLF) presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Union Farmer-Labour Force Party Chairman U Min Thu presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 30 September.

Greetings to all esteemed farmers and working people of the nation
May you have peace and prosperity for years to come.
I am Chairman U Min Thu of the Union Farmer-Labour Force Party.
I would first like to extend my gratitude to the farmers who cultivated the rice I consume as I become Chairman, to the Union Election Commission Chairman and the Union President for youth participation in politics, to the Ministry of Information and MRTV staff for allowing us to communicate our party’s information, and to the people for listening to us.
Our party petitioned to register on 29-4-2015 and was registered on 4-8-2015 with party registration number 99.

Esteemed voters and people
The name of our party is the Union Farmer-Labour Force Party (UFLF).
Our party shall cooperate with the farmers in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. They have worked together with successive governments for peace and establish a multiparty democratic nation to elevate farmers of Myanmar onto the world stage.
Our flag and logo have a red background, 14 identical white stars and cogwheel with a smiling farmer holding a sickle in a green circle within the cogwheel.

1. The red background represents the courage of the farmers and loyalty to the nation.
2. The 14 white stars represent the 14 states and regions and equality among all ethnic groups.
3. The cogwheel represents the workforce of Myanmar.
4. The green circle represents the peace and development driven by the farmers and labourers of the nation.
5. The smiling farmer image represents the paternal spirit of continuing work for one’s family, no matter what calamity or poverty exists.
6. The pose with reaping the crops with a sickle represents the farmers working hard to feed the nation.
7. The hands of the farmers with their sickles and the hands of the workers represent the conviction to protect the nation from external dangers with the military.
Our party’s flag and logo are the same

Our policies
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar has 135 ethnic groups living in the 14 states and regions. Thus, all ethnic groups equally possess the nation and should have equality, freedom, fairness and solidarity. We need to improve the lives of farmers and workers in rural areas to establish a peaceful and developed nation and to achieve that we must promote industrial farming, develop industrial businesses, and improve the lives of working-class people in cities. Our party was formed for that reason.
Our party name reflects the agricultural nature of Myanmar and its farmers. We will gather the strength of all farmers and labourers to cooperate with successive government administrations to ensure equality for all citizens in line with Article 21-(a), Chapter I of the 2008 Constitution, the original rights of citizens in Chapter VIII, and equality before the law for all citizens outlined in Article 347.

Political policies
1. Farmers will join hands with the military to go into battle if the sovereignty of Myanmar is under threat.
2. We will emphasize sovereignty into the hands of the people as the nation is based on a transparent society built on democracy free of authoritarianism.
3. We will conduct peaceful discussions to resolve internal conflicts for national reconciliation and protect the national economy together with farmers of the nation.
4. We will stand for fulfilling the needs of the people in a country composed of self-determined states with equality among the citizens.

Legal policies
Enacting laws is vital for national stability. There will be no one above the law, and the government and the people must accept and practise it together for the rule of law. The right for farmers to work on their lands and confiscating farmlands must be done in line with the law.
We will ensure that workers receive sufficient pay and compensation and assistance for injuries in the workplace. We will strive for labour affairs ministers who will take responsibility and accountability for workers, under the law.
All citizens will accept the rule of law in line with the 2008 Constitution and receive full protection in line with the law.
We will cooperate with the next government administration to assist rural areas lagging in healthcare, economy and education development. The chances of success depend on the capabilities of the next government administration and their compassion towards the people.

Esteemed voters and people
I will contest for the Pyithu Hluttaw seat for Kawthoung Township, Taninthayi Region, in the upcoming election on 8 November 2020. We will also be competing for four seats for Amyotha Hluttaw regional constituency 1 and 2, 2 seats for Pyithu Hluttaw in Yangon Region’s Thanlyin and provincial Hluttaw constituency 1, a seat for Bago Region’s Kawa township regional Hluttaw constituency 2.
Our nation comprises honest and hardworking farmers and labourers. They are the same as the stars in the sky that shine like the sun in the night sky. The President, government members and the Speakers of the three Hluttaws must support the development of the farmers and workers so that they will render the light and strength to the nation.
That is why we have the image of the farmer reaping the crop and the cogwheel on our flag. The people need to vote for the farmer and worker image to ensure the emergence of Hluttaw representatives who will bring about change and equality.
Voting for our party will enable us to bring forth a government that will ensure equality for all ethnic groups, citizens and farmers. I conclude wishing the peace of mind and physical wellbeing on all.

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