Union Government Office Minister calls for increased reforms of administration institute

Union Minister U Min Thu and officials planting the commemorative tree in the administration institute’s new training hall. Photo : MNA
Union Minister U Min Thu and officials planting the commemorative tree in the administration institute’s new training hall. Photo : MNA

Union Minister for Office of the Union Government, U Min Thu, visited the Institute of Development Administration, which is under the General Administration Department (GAD), in Mingaladon Township yesterday.
The Union Minister first met with the faculty members and delivered an address. He said Myanmar has passed through six different government administrations starting from the parliamentary system to the caretaker government, Union Revolutionary Council-led government, the socialist government, Tatmadaw-led government and the elected government currently in office.
However, the GAD has always been the main driving force of the nation’s administrative mechanism, said the Union Minister. He said the government has implemented the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan and the National Indicator Framework to help establish a democratic federal republic.
The Union Minister said the MSDP has three pillars and in its first pillar titled ‘Peace and Stability’ the first goal is for peace, national reconciliation, security and good governance. He said the GAD was transferred to the Ministry of Office of the Union Government in December last year to support that goal.
At the same time, they have set three priority pillars towards decentralization, emergence of a good and public-inclusive administrative mechanism, and reforming administration to produce capable human resources, said the Union Minister.
He said the three pillars in detail are (1) modernizing laws, bylaws, procedures and notifications, (2) amending organizational structure and implementing effective services, and (3) implementing the belief of being the same with the public and carrying out people-centred projects.
The Union Minister said that it important to enhance the capability of the GAD staff in order to effectively implement the prioritized tasks. He said this is why this institute is now entrusted with an important role. He said they performed two observations with an external research group and the advisory group to search for necessary changes in the institute.
The Union Minister said they had interviewed 18 graduates from the institute and only three were seen to fully understand the necessary processes for federal establishment. He said the institute needs to try harder to provide the required the support to the nation and its political system. The Union Minister said they will place priority tasks for reforming the institute. He said he emphasizes the roles of the teachers and instructors and is planning to gather skilled and smart staff in the institute. He said they will design new processes to ensure the institute does not give off a message of nondevelopment. He urged the attendees to foster vigorous spirits and openly voice their suggestions.
The GAD supports peaceful coexistence and harmony in Myanmar society and is instrumental in preventing conflicts, said the Union Minister. He said the nation’s leaders have expressed interest in reforming this institute and are ready to provide any aid necessary. He expressed his wish for the institute to provide practical development in the political and administrative fields.
Next, the institute’s principal, Director U Aye Maung Kyi, explained the institute’s history, aims, objectives, courses available, subjects taught, current instructors, and teaching system. The faculty members then reported the institute’s requirements.
This was followed by the Union Minister instructing on expanding special courses for land use, tax, border and law, improving English language teaching, and upgrading the library.
Afterwards, the Union Minister planed a commemorative tree in the institute’s new training hall and inspected the trainee hostels, canteen, three-storied learning building, library and training courses in progress.
The Institute of Development Administration, under the GAD, was opened on 7 July 2003 and provides courses on eighteen topics. To date, the institute has conducted 87 trainings and facilitated 8,410 trainees. —MNA (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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