Union Information Minister visits movie studios, film institute, archive in Japan

Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint and party visited Toho Studios in Tokyo, Japan, at 10 am local time yesterday. They observed the processes of pre-production and post-production of movies.

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Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint visits Toho Studios in Tokyo, Japan, yesterday. Photo: MNA

It was developed into a film production firm in 1934, and it becomes Japan’s largest recording and modern production centre after constant innovations.
In the afternoon, the Union Minister and party visited the Japan Institute of the Moving Image, and viewed the lectures on film history, culture, theory, film subjects and practices. The institute offers a four-year bachelor’s degree course in three related areas of Directing, Acting, Documentary; Camera, Sound-recording, Editing; Scripting-writing, Critical writing.
The course is aimed to develop individuals into those capable of contributing in a wide range of fields including the production of videos and motion pictures, and to promote cultural exchange programmes.
The Union Minister and party also visited the National Film Archive of Japan and looked around its collections of original movie scripts, original movie posters, photos shot on the set, movie cameras and actors and actresses’ personal effects and historical artifact.
The archive was the National Film Center in the past, and it was developed into the National Museum of Modern Art in 2018. It is also an independent public institution devoted to cinema as it is holding about 40,000 films and numerous other materials among its collections.—MNA
(Translated by Aung Khin)

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