Union Minister calls for broader involvement in holding centenary of Myanmar films

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A preliminary meeting to discuss the centennial celebrations of the Myanmar film industry was held at the meeting hall of the Myanmar Television and Radio in Yangon yesterday afternoon.
Speaking at the meeting, Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint called for the formation of a provisional committee and the broader involvement of stakeholders from all sectors to ensure that the centenary is celebrated in a more meaningful way. “At this meeting, we are going to seek out the means together, with the members of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, to hold the celebrations on a grand scale,” he said.
Patrons, the Chairman and officials of the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization recounted the experiences of the previous anniversary celebrations and discussed plans for internal and external activities during the pre-centenary celebrations, the production and airing of a historical documentary on Myanmar films, the rebroadcasting of the earliest Myanmar movies and songs, the holding of talks on outstanding artistes and technicians, fund raising, selection of the venue of the celebrations and formation of a provisional committee. The participants also presented suggestions based upon the experiences they gained during their foreign study tours.
Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information U Myo Myint Maung and Director-General of Information and Public Relations Department U Ye Naing also took part in the discussions.
Following discussions, the Union Minister delivered the concluding remarks.
Those at the meeting passed a resolution to form the provisional committee and adopt its work programs. MNA (Translated by TMT)

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