Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe chairs 1/2021 Myanmar Medical Council Meeting

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Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe speaks at the Meeting of Myanmar Medical Council on 29 January 2021. Photo: MNA

The Myanmar Medical Council held its 1/2021 meeting for its second 4-year term via videoconferencing yesterday.
During the meeting, Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe, in his capacity as Patron of the council discussed the efforts of the council in improving the healthcare services of country and quality of medics.
Myanmar Medical Council Law was enacted in 2015, and the performance of council improved the health sector during the past four years.
Myanmar Medical Council Law was amended in 2020, and the council was formed with 65 members and 20 executive members.
The Union Minister also stressed the criteria and assessment in coming four years to improve the healthcare quality of doctors, state-owned hospitals and private hospitals and cooperation works with the medical universities to study the changing medical subjects to promote the teaching level and to produce quality medics.
He also stressed the need for conducting a discussion with the relevant ministries, medicine universities, Myanmar Pharmaceutical Association, Myanmar Medical Association and other experts of respective subjects and supervision for medical ethics.
He urged to select the experts who need to be altruists with full of responsibilities and reasoning skills for any kinds of situation to form 10 committees.
Myanmar Medical Council was organized with well-experienced experts, and so they could promote the medical sector than before and carry out for the medical experts to follow the ethics while the ministry is also making efforts to ensure strict adherence to medical ethics.
He also highlighted the discussion regarding Myanmar Medical Council Law among the council members; work plans to conform to the resources of country and situation of the medical field, the use of electronic system or internet for licencing, the extension of licences and other work processes.
He discussed the processes for board-certified specialists and aims of the council to promote healthcare system and quality of medics.
He also said Myanmar Medical Council plays a key role for the country, people and ministries. He urged to keep cooperating for the development of the medical sector via the promotion of healthcare quality and status.
Professor Dr S Kyaw Hla, member of Myanmar Medical Council presented the selecting of council members and executive members for a second 4-year term, and Professor Dr Maung Maung Wint read out the name lists of elected council members.
Then, Professor Dr Khin Maung Aye who was selected as Chairman of Myanmar Medical Council made his greeting speech and briefed the work plans including granting licences for general doctors and specialists, Myanmar Medical Licencing Examination to be held twice a year for those receive bachelor in medicine in foreign countries, inspection for complaint reports regarding with ethics (or) the cases transferred from the Ministry of Health and Sports, the formation of Accreditation Committee and credit system for Continuing Medical Education like other international countries.
The participants coordinated the discussion and then, the Union Minister concluded the meeting.—MNA (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

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