Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe discusses preparations for COVID-19 vaccination plan

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Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe holds talks on COVID vaccination plan with the state/regional medical departmental heads on 26 January 2021. Photo : MNA

Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe discussed COVID-19 vaccination plan with the heads of regions/states Public Health and Medical Services Department online yesterday. During the meeting, the Union Minister discussed the prevention measures in regions and states as the staff of the ministry receive vaccination against COVID-19 on 27 January and appreciated the efforts of the health workers of the ministry in prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 activities in addition to COVID-19 vaccination plan.
The Union Minister said only the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines is known and the effectiveness after two doses is not known yet. The international countries also study on the COVID-19 vaccine that it has certain efficacy for those who get injected and disease transmission from them to another. Those who receive vaccination must wear masks, and all the people still need to follow the COVID-19 health rules.
He also stressed the communication among the central level and regions, states, districts and townships to gain successful vaccination plans, storage system and the duties of the heads of regions/states Public Health and Medical Services Department and medics to supervise the vaccination processes and to read the instructions for COVID-19 vaccination sent by the central committee.
He then discussed the allocation of COVID-19 vaccine, storage system, management for distribution and disposal, forums for vaccinations, plans to monitor the consequence of vaccine, preparations for the public regarding with the vaccine and organizing of healthcare groups. The Union Minister also discussed with the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group – NITAG and Adverse Events Following Immunization Management Committee.
He emphasized on vaccine safety, arrangement for vaccination, rumors, duty to wait 30 minutes after the COVID-19 vaccination just at the forum, emergency treatment if some suffer from adverse events after immunization, contact numbers for those suffer some adverse condition when they arrive home, the reaction of vaccine, immunization anxiety-related reaction and coincidental event.—MNA (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

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