Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint meets Information Ministry employees

Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint delivers a speech at the meeting with Information Ministry officials in Yangon.  Photo: MNA
Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint delivers a speech at the meeting with Information Ministry officials in Yangon.  Photo: MNA

The Union Minister for Information, Dr. Pe Myint, met with personnel from his ministry in Yangon yesterday. At the meetings, he stressed the importance of staff working continuously to upgrade their skills.
In the morning, the Union Minister met with employees of Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV) at the MRTV Studio A, Pyay Road, Yangon.
The Union Minister delivered the opening remarks at the meeting. This was followed by personnel sharing suggestions on the current news broadcasting system, expanding and producing more programs, the requirement for additional personnel, work requirements, and requirements of the personnel’s families. The MRTV Director-General resolved queries.
In the afternoon, the Union Minister met with staff from the Information and Public Relations Department, the Printing and Publishing Department, and the News and Periodicals Enterprise. in Yangon at the meeting hall of the Printing and Publishing Department’s Central Press Building on Theinbyu Road in Yangon.
The Union Minister opened the meeting with his remarks. Afterwards, participants discussed the requirement to reprint Myanmar’s encyclopedia. They also discussed undertaking more welfare works for personnel. This was followed by department officials resolving queries.
During the meetings, the Union Minister called for the development of MRTV, saying thatcapability of its personnel is important, and must thrive.
The Union Minister said that science and technology is changing and developing at a rapid pace in the world. “ information and technology, which is directly related with the ministry, is changing, especially with time. You all have to keep pace by learning continuously. People working in the news and information sector have to keep up with change by upgrading their skills. You need to increase your capability for your own sakes. You need to work on improving your own abilities while working in your own environment,” he said.
“To increase the capability of the departments, two things come to mind. One is to reduce errors and weaknesses to zero, or perform regular tasks to their fullest satisfaction. Another is to innovate and do better work. Only then can work progress,” he added. “Staff from each department must help develop the department by improving the way they perform together in their respective sector. This will allow them to improve their capabilities at the individual level. This will also secure their present and future in the department, or in any change of situation in the future,” said the Union Minister.
The minister added that if tasks at hand are done smoothly without error, success will be achieved. “Personnel working in the state-owned newspaper are required to ensure the accuracy of news, publish the newspaper on time, provide better and human interest stories, articles and photos,” he said. “The work of Sarpay Beikman involves presenting literature awards, national literature awards, holding book festivals and ensuring the regular running of libraries. Those works need to be made better and more interesting. Sarpay Beikman has gained much trust. Now, it is arranging to publish 100 Myanmar classical series and Myanmar’s encyclopedia,” he said.
Children’s literature festivals conducted by the Information and Public Relations Department in various regions have seen rising interest, he said. They will be extended to other states and regions’ cities, including Myitkyina and Loikaw, and the festival in Bago Region is planned to be an exceptional one, he added.
“Personnel must improve their work, become better, and make their department a valuable, recognized department. In turn, the department will become a place of honor and satisfaction. As they perform their work, the capacity of the staff will improve and develop. All personnel ought to work with good thoughts and ideas for the development of the department,” said the Union Minister. — MNA (Translated by Zaw Min)

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