Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye visits Thailand

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Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye looks at the process of weaving fabrics using traditional looms in Bangkok, Thailand yesterday. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement (SWRR) Dr. Win Myat Aye, who was in Bangkok on an official visit at the invitation of Thailand’s Social Development and Human Security Minister General Anantaporn Kanjanarat, met with the host minister on the morning of 2 March.
During the meeting, matters relating to friendly and close cooperation among ASEAN countries were discussed. Also, there was agreement to remain focused on cooperation in the human security and social protection areas, jointly conducted under bilateral agreements. There was also a commitment to continuing bilateral cooperation works on economic development among countries in the ASEAN region, along with social protection matters, as well as the process and arrangement of protection and care provided for people. There was, further, a discussion of the difficulties faced in the actual practice of offering assistance to vulnerable people in Thailand, the status of increased job opportunities in the private sector after setting up economic strategies for handicapped persons, rebuilding the lives of trafficked persons and achieving success in the matter of migrant workers through bilateral diplomatic relations and cooperation.
Afterwards, the Union Minister observed the work conducted in the central management department of the ministry using IT systems and a hotline to provide one stop service for Thailand nationals, working both in the country and abroad, when they need emergency and social assistance. The Union Minister also observed the products produced by training schools and care centers under the ministry.
Later in the afternoon, the Union Minister visited a care center in Nonthaburi Province for trafficked people from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and observed the status of rescue and systematic protection, reintegration with families and rehabilitation works, and then discussed bilateral cooperation and difficulties that need to be resolved. On the morning of 3 March, the Union Minister left Bangkok for Chiang Rai by air and studied the Chiang Rai-based Mae Fah Luang Foundation which is providing sustainable development for legal works in the border area. The Union Minister was greeted by Mae Fah Luang Foundation founder Mr. Khun Chai and officials who explained the foundation’s aim, the support provided by the Thai Royal Family and the government, the changing views of the people who are facing economic difficulties from deforestation and opium planting, difficulties faced in performing people-based transformational works, international studies conducted, help provided to farmers to replace opium growing, as well as support provided, and to be provided in the future, to Myanmar’s government ministries. The Union Minister, in return, explained about the incumbent government’s social protection and people centered works, conducted to seek socio-economic development.
They also discussed the status of implementing socio-economic development, in conjunction with implementation of peace, as well as conducting short, mid and long term projects and providing humanitarian assistances, the rehabilitation of drug addicts and the status of coordinating and resolving differences. The Union Minister also reviewed and exchanged views on cooperation that is to be continued.
The Union Minister further discussed increasing the development of social protection programs implemented for the people, studied the strength and weakness of government and all strata of those people participating in development works conducted in Thailand. The group also reviewed the conducting of vocational training courses at camps for displaced persons along the Myanmar-Thai border and discussed the possibility of rehabilitating ethnic nationals who want to return to Myanmar voluntarily. The Union Minister also studied the successful works performed by the Doi Tung Project for coffee and macadamia production, as well as working with traditional looms, paper, porcelain and earthenware works.


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