Union Minister U Ko Ko attends paper—reading session on ancient cultural heritages conservation

13.5.2021 NEWS 1 NS

The Department of Archaeology and National Museum of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture conducted a paper-—reading session on ancient cultural heritage conservation yesterday.
During the event, Union Minister U Ko Ko talked about the 13 papers to be read in the event, discoveries of fossil primates, and the country’s ancient cultural and natural heritage.
He then said ancient religious buildings, palaces, cities and materials of the ancestors can be seen nowadays across the nation.
Similarly, the country boasts of traditional materials of ethnic people and intangible culture.
Moreover, the Department of Archaeology and National Museum also conducted preservation works on ancient cultural sites and buildings for sustainable structures step by step.
The ministry also designated 48 heritage zones to conserve these areas under the law. Moreover, the ministry drafted laws and rules to protect and preserve ancient cultural buildings, materials, and ancient cultural sites.
Arrangements are also being made to enact a law to safeguard intangible cultural heritage.
Moreover, papers to be read at the event are based on the research conducted on ancient buildings, wall paintings, stone reliefs, bricks, stone inscriptions and wooden monasteries of bygone eras like bronze, iron, Pyu, Bagan, Pinya, Inwa, MraukU and Amarapura.
The paper—reading session can be supposed to implement one of the facts of social affairs in the objectives of the State Administration Council “To respect and promote the customs and traditions of all National peoples and preserve and safeguard their cultural heritage and national characteristics”.
The Union Minister then discussed holding monthly paper—reading sessions and planned to publish the papers read in the events and aims of holding the events.
Then, the researchers read out their papers respectively and concluded the first-day session. The paper reading session will also be conducted today. — MNA

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