Union Minister U Min Thu meets GAD staff of Union Territory

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Union Minister for the Office of the Union Government U Min Thu addresses the meeting with staff of the Union Territory, Nay Pyi Taw General Administration Department at the GAD’s office in Nay Pyi Taw. Photo: MNA

U Min Thu, the Union Minister for the Office of the Union Government, met with staff of the Union Territory, Nay Pyi Taw General Administration Department at the GAD’s office in the Ministry of Office the Union Government building, Nay Pyi Taw, yesterday.
Firstly, the acting-administrator of the Nay Pyi Taw GAD, U Tun Naing, introduced the Union Minister to everyone in attendance and explained about the Union Territory GAD’s processes and performances. The Union Minister then delivered a speech.

GAD’s journey since its transfer
The Union Minister first remarked it has been over four months since the GAD was transferred to the Ministry of Office of the Union Government (MoOUG). He said the GAD has designated vision, four mission statements and 3 tasks for reforms to evolve itself into a department that is in line with the President’s directives, the Union Government’s policy, and the political system idealized by the public.
The Union Minister said the first three months were given to physical reforms and the second three months will be geared towards reforming the essence of the GAD. He said the related tasks have been submitted to the President and the State Counsellor for further guidance.
The Union Minister said the Union Government approved the reformed organizational structure of MoOUG during their Meeting No. 9/2019
on 9 May 2019. He said the ministry is also carrying on its Corruption Prevention Unit (CPU) project.

Future plans for the GAD
He said they will form the ministry-level Regulatory Review Unit with two members of the ministry’s advisory board and staff from the ministry and the GAD. He said they will revise the staff guidebooks and code of conduct and review the existing directives and protocols for any necessary amendments.
The Union Minister said they have expanded the organizational structure of the Institute of Development Administration (IDA) to match the reorganization of MoOUG and are speeding up efforts to revise its curriculum to meet international standards.
He said they are discussing policies to ensure the system of promotions and transfers of GAD staff and its human resource management is transparent and systematic.

Ensuring accuracy of population records
The Union Minister then gave two orders for staff to keep in mind. The first one was to ensure the electoral roll for all elections is compiled with the utmost care to prevent all eligible voters from losing their right to vote. He said the GAD cooperated with township immigration departments and departments for national registration and citizenship and the Union Election Sub-Commissions in previous general elections and by-elections.
He urged all GAD staff at the township, ward and village-tract levels to ensure the population records for citizens above age 18 and the household registrations are genuine and compatible with the current situation. He said this will allow the UEC to compile correct electoral rolls in advance if necessary.

Twice the work
The second point was for all GAD staff to undertake the responsibilities of the respective level of the Committee for Scrutinizing Confiscated Farmlands and Other Lands (CSCFOL) they are assigned to, in accordance with existing laws, bylaws, policies, rules, regulations and directives. He requested GAD staff to work hard in accomplishing their duties pertaining to the GAD and to the committee.
The President and the State Counsellor had reformed the aforementioned committee by appointing GAD staff from the subnational level to the ward and village level as secretaries or chairpersons.
The Union Minister said the Nay Pyi Taw CSCFOL has received 354 reports and has submitted 255 to the central committee, 109 in process, and 200 closed, achieving 70.05 per cent completion. He urged staff to increase momentum in resolving the remaining cases.

Urging GAD staff to continue hard work
The Union Minister concluded by saying that the General Administration Department is the administrative backbone of the country and thus, needs to initiate exemplary change to establish itself as a public-centred mechanism for administration. He said we need to firmly build our moral character to be free from self-interest and corruption. He urged GAD staff to meet and discuss with the public, gather their suggestions, and stand together with them.
He expressed his wish for the GAD to follow existing laws, rules, regulations, and procedures without burdening the people. He urged GAD staff to improve their daily tasks, become more effective, and reform their tasks and procedures.
Afterwards, GAD staff in attendance submitted requirements to the Union Minister, who gave necessary suggestions and directions and then urged the staff to respect and follow the policies and procedures of the Ministry of the Office of the Union Government. —MNA
(Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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