Union Minister U Min Thu meets with staff of GAD in Shan State (East)

Union Minister U Min Thu greets staff from General Administration Department in Shan State (East). Photo: MNA
Union Minister U Min Thu greets staff from General Administration Department in Shan State (East). Photo: MNA

U Min Thu, Union Minister for the Office of the Union Government, met with staff of the General Administration Department in Shan State (East) yesterday.
At the meeting, the Union Minister said the administration system and machinery is the backbone of the country, stressing the important role played by the staff of the General Administration Department in the current efforts made by the Union Government, which is conducting negotiations as part of efforts to build a democratic federal union.
Staff of the GAD need to work to ensure the smooth running of the political system guaranteed by the State Constitution, he said, adding that it is important to systematically reduce the central control system, so as to be ready for the introduction of the democratic federal system, which will emerge in the future.
While working closely with local ethnic people in eastern Shan State, the staff of the GDA needs to understand their important role in national reconciliation and in spreading peace throughout the country.
In conclusion, the Union Minister said the General Administration Department has performed its work throughout successive governments, and remains the backbone of the administration of the State.
Today is the time for the staff of the GAD to carry out reforms as a model for the people, he said.
He also spoke of three points for the staff to strive to complete.
Point Number One: Meet the people, seek advice from them and be ready for them, so as to become the General Administration Department which
promotes public participation, said U Min Thu.
He urged the staff to make efforts to ensure that the administrative machinery becomes a tool for the people, as the participation of the people plays an important role in achieving success for the reforms.
Point No. 2: The Union Minister urged the staff to be free from corruption and to perform their works in accordance with all rules, laws and procedures, so as not to be a burden to the people.
Point Number Three: Don’t be afraid of reforms, carry them out bravely while anticipating changes ahead, as we have been known to do. Not being prepared to change can result in breaking away from work processes and cause stress at work. Reforms start with changes in individual mindsets and convictions, and government employees are urged to commit to them. With peace of mind, employees must carry out reforms with added momentum to become a model for reforms in Myanmar, just as the “General Administration Department is a model for reforms”. —MNA (Translated by GNLM)

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