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Union Minister U Thein Swe attends pre-coordination meeting of 26th ALMM

Meeting 1

Union Minister U Thein Swe chairs the pre-coordination meeting on 16th ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting and related meetings on 20 October . Photo : MNA

Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population held a pre-coordination meeting on 16th ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting and related meetings to be held by video conferencing in Indonesia on 26 and 27 October, ASEAN Labour Ministers’ Meeting and the 11th ASEAN +3 Labour Ministers’ Meeting to be held on 28 October.
Union Minister U Thein Swe said that the meetings of ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting, ASEAN Labour Ministers’ Meeting and ASEAN+3 Labour Ministers’ Meeting aimed to implement the guidelines set by the ASEAN leaders in their respective sectors.
The Union Minister continued that the ASEAN Labour Ministers’ Action Plan 2021-2025 and related work programmes will be submitted to the ASEAN Labour Ministers’ Meeting with the approval of the ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting and the ASEAN Labour Guidelines and Roadmap, which have been officially approved by the ASEAN Labour Ministers will be reaffirmed at the meeting.
He called for preparation and coordination with relevant departments to make effective participation in video conferencing meetings from 26 to 28 October; participants should prepare information and requirements in advance and ensure that there is no internet or power outage and to prepare the necessary information related to the discussions at previous meetings and information to be approved at this meeting.
The Union Minister said it is necessary to study and prepare for the main purpose of the 26th ALMM “Competitiveness of ASEAN Workers for Future Careers; Improving resilience and mobility”.
He also said to send the necessary information related to the department accurately and completely in time; to submit in time if there are any issues to be submitted to the higher authorities for decision before the meeting; to assign English skills experts and to prepare for the new generation; to send the midterm report in a timely manner related to the decisions made at previous ASEAN meetings; to constantly monitor the activities of other ASEAN countries as Myanmar has the largest number of migrant workers in ASEAN and to take in-depth study of ASEAN labour issues.
Afterwards, the Directors of the Department of Labour and the Social Security Board explained their participation in the 13th SLOM-WG meeting. After the Directors-General discussed the attendance at previous ASEAN meetings related to each department, implementation of meeting decisions, preparation, completion and continuous working to participate in the 26th ALMM, the Union Minister coordinated the discussion.—MNA (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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