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Union ministers inspect tasks for stability and development of Rakhine State


Union Ministers U Soe Thane, U Tin Naing Thein and U Khin Yi met members of Rakhine State Government, officials and townselders at U Uttara Hall on 1 November morning.
Union ministers explained the measures being taken for the stability and development of Rakhine State and heard reports on health, education, agriculture, livestock breeding, development of meat and fish sector, development of ports and water transportation, dredging of Sutyokya Creek, job opportunities, vocational training, recruiting and training teacher for primary schools and nurses, construction of roads, bridges and houses and electricity supply in Rakhine State.
In the afternoon, the union ministers inspected the construction of Ponnakyun-Kyauktaw road, water supply from Shaukchaung Reservoir, the power station and arrangements for electricity distribution to Sittway, Myohaung and Ponnakyun and gave instruction on construction of Ponnakyun Industrial Zone and water supply for Ponnakyun and storage of rain water.
In the evening, the union ministers viewed the training camp where about 20 students were undergoing training for the opening ceremony of Rakhine traditional wrestling competition at Waithali stadium.

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