Union must be built on trust, friendship

Neither peace nor federalism can be assured if stakeholders allow racism to persist. Despite different features and characteristics among ethnic people, all need to develop a common ideology for peace.
Intimacy among ethnic people creates more opportunities for lasting peace. Without close relations, mutual trust cannot be built. Mountains and rivers should not be fences and hurdles between our people. The greater the friendship among our national brethren, the more hope for peace we will have.
Unity must come first for peace, and economic development will definitely follow. More relations among ethnic people can reduce racism and mistrust which are the underlying causes of decades-long civil war in ethnic areas.
All our national races must develop goodwill to ensure a genuine federal union. Clarity of thought and an understanding of the obligations of governance are required by all political stakeholders to achieve unanimity.
Mistaken ideas must be abandoned.  Dialogue should be established without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sex and religion. Talking about a ceasefire is better than not talking about it. As Winston Churchill said, “To jaw-jaw is always better than war-war.”
All stakeholders in peace-making efforts must not practice to deceive. The rights of national races need to be upheld by taking lessons from the past to ensure a genuine federal union and lasting peace.

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