Union Solidarity and Development Party paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy

USDP copy
Daw Kyawt Yin Win

First of all, allow me to extend our heartiest greetings and best wishes for mental and physical health to the representatives of various political parties, invited guests and respected entire people who are attending to this International Day of Democracy.
I am Central Executive Committee member Daw Kyawt Yin Win, being assigned to read the paper of Union Solidarity and Development Party at this 2018 International Day of Democracy.
In today’s world, the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) has designated 15 September as International Day of Democracy and celebrated since 2007 for the flourishing and strengthening of democratic system, for the continued awareness of democratic spirit, and for the continued implementation of democratic tasks in future, and now it has entered its 11th anniversary.
During this time, countries practicing democratic system usually celebrate the International Day of Democracy in their countries. On the part of the IPU, it has yearly designated the theme for the International Day of Democracy, and the theme for this year is, “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy”.
The meaning of “Democracy” has been interpreted in many ways by political pundits, and mainly it is found in three different aspects. The first stands out for “Source”, while the second covers “Purpose”, and the final deals on “Procedure”.
Allow me to present that there is no better interpretation about democracy than the one that goes by the definition, “of the people, for the people, by the people” which in plain words, the expression democracy derives from the people, and it is destined for the advantage of the people as a whole.
Therefore, in the 2008 Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Chapter 1 describes and incorporates the basic principles of the Union’s consistent objectives, which include “flourishing of a genuine, disciplined multi-party democratic system;enhancing the eternal principles of Justice, Liberty and Equality in the Union.”
At this juncture, I would like to point out with special emphasis that a disciplined democratic system means it is tantamount to universal and worldly political practice. In other words, it is most appropriate and befitting political practise based on and in line with the chronicle of the nation’s history, the geographical situation, the characteristics of the race and religion with a vision for the sustainable development of the country.
Across the world today, the talks of cherishing and support for democracy are abundant, but the direct threat of violence over democracy is very much eminent and continues to exist. In the same way, it could witness the threat, pressure and intervention based on political location against less developing nations that are still struggling to build up.
Recently in Myanmar, the state has conducted the general elections systematically since 2010 and the Union Solidarity and Development Party has carried out the tasks in line with the democratic norms, and the USDP handed over the state power to the winning party being elected by the people in 2015.
This is the ethics of democratic system being implemented in a pragmatic way. However, one state of affairs is noticed that the essence and ethics of democracy, such as the power derived from the people, and its fruits and advantages flowed back to and enjoyed by the people, is gradually declining.
Therefore, it is necessary that the essence of democracy for freedom of speech and freedom of expression is to be guaranteed.
When reviewing the 2008 Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Article 354 (a) (b) (c) and (d) has explicitly granted to express and publish freely the rights for the freedom of belief and conviction. Since our Union Solidarity and Development Party has initiated the Myanma democracy transformation and changes, we are desirous to build a nation with disciplined democratic system that is appropriate and harmonized with pragmatic approach in economic policy and development plans. In conclusion, our USDP would carry out along with the strength of people in realizing the theme, “Let us work together for the flourishing of democracy” (oversight), laid down for this year’s International Day of Democracy.
Thank you.
Translated by UMT (HK)

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