Union Solidarity and Development Party presents its policy, stance and work program

U Pike Htway.
U Pike Htway.
Party logo.
Party logo.

U Pike Htway, Secretary of Central Executive Committee of Union Solidarity and Development Party, made a presentation on the party’s policy, stance, work programs and other issues on radio and TV broadcasting on 8 September. Following is a translation of the text:

Esteemed voters,
National interest is at the top of the agenda of our Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and the party also promotes democratic rights and civil rights with seriousness and in a systematic manner. We are the ones who preserve human rights, maintain equality, uphold justice, work for the rule of law and uplift national prestige and integrity. We will compete in the 2018 by-election with the aim of serving more the interests of the nation and its people, and we, with clean hearts, are ready to accept the decisions made by voters.

Esteemed voters,
Base on experience gained in the past, we are serving the people’s interest by implementing nation building tasks through right policies that are relevant with the objective conditions. We uphold perpetuation of the nation, consolidation of sovereignty and national unity as our national duty. We are ready to fulfill the wishes of our people to ensure that our nation is standing tall as a peaceful, prosperous State fully enjoying democracy.
All the people have witnessed that when we were in office, we have put all our utmost energies to achieve political, economic and social objectives and our focus was on peace, the rule of law, perpetuation of sovereignty and people enjoying a democracy.

Esteemed voters,
Now is the time to promote and consolidate the transition to democracy, make more progresses in building peace and to double the efforts to boost the socio-economic life of people without losing sight on it. These are the tasks for which we have laid foundations when we were at the office. Moreover, for the time being, with true patriotic spirit, to repulse the intervention of foreign countries which will harm the nation’s sovereignty.
Based on this true patriotism, we desire to emphasize on awakening of union spirit, promoting national interests of all the citizens and ensuring good fortune of them. The choice is up to the voters for ensuring perpetuation of the country.

Esteemed voters,
Throughout Myanmar’s political history, people chose those who could serve their interests, and who could uphold national interest as people representatives. In doing so, it is important to keep in mind that placing the right man at the right place and choosing the people with virtues and great dignity for fulfilling the desire of the people and people can take pride in choosing such persons. It is also important for the voters to make sure that their chosen representatives are of the persons with good characters who can serve the interests of their constituencies.
Therefore, it is needed to make assessment the qualifications of the candidates and the policy of the party. It is needed to compare the activities at present and in the past for better future of the nation. All have witnessed who from which organization have really served the interests of own regions. Comparing the changes and transitions made by one organization and the others, and without sticking to own desire, anger, anxiety and ignorance, voters are to chose the right men who can serve at the best for interests of people.
Our policies can stand the test of time and we have reorganized the party with new generations to implement these policies. New generation candidates have been chosen to make sure that they are going to serve the best interest of the people who put all their hearts and souls into this matter.
Our representatives who have been chosen by the people who put their trust in them, with the available strength in parliaments, are now defending the bullying and intervention of outsiders. They are trying to curb the land grabing of aliens who are not our citizens. They are demanding to revoke the unfair economic sanctions for the sake of people’s economic life. They are trying to root out the terrorist acts for the sake of people’s security. At the same time, our party points out the facts which are aiming to serve at the best for interests of the people by issuing statements on the stance of the party.
Now, people come to understand our performances and in this way, new members with absolute trust in the party have been joining the party in the respective regions and the states. We do believe we can convey this trust into the coming elections. We are ready to cooperate with any political parties, organizations or individuals for the sake of the interests of the nation and its citizens. We are keeping in our minds that there is no enemy but friends in serving the interests of the nation. In a systematic way, we are carrying out our daily routines with the competitive spirits in labouring, patriotism, and loyalty to the people.

Esteemed voters,
Winners and losers of the elections are normal. Whatever results we are going to face, we thank the voters in advance who will put all their trust in USDP. As USDP has survived thanks to the support and trust of people, we will aim at creating a better future of the nation and its citizens. As we are upholding national affairs, we guarantee as follows:
Myanmar will exist as long as the world exists,
USDP will exist as long as Myanmar exists,
National integrity shall not be harmed, Myanmar’s boundaries shall not be changed and Myanmar shall not be bullied by aliens as long as USDP exists.
Let me take this opportunity to request you to cooperate with us of goodwill, hard working and loyalty and great experience.

Esteemed voters,
Political parties running in the elections usually inform their policies, goal and performances as election manifesto to the people in advance and seek the decisions to be made by people. The following is our commitments to which we can fulfill:
• We will prioritize to ensure progress and consolidation of national interests
• We will make sure that all the people to enjoy the rights of race, religion and cultural traditions in accord with the provisions enshrined in the Constitution
• We will continue peace making process which is born when we were at the office
• We will put our energies into building a union with a federal system
• We will take responsibilities to make sure that not to let for any square inch of our territory be moved for any reasons
• We will promote socioeconomic life of people with their economic, health and education status to be better than the current situation
• We will review the current tax policies
• We will uplift Myanmar’s national integrity which all the national people born of the Union possess
• We will ensure all the citizens to enjoy basic rights of the citizens enshrined in the Constitution
• We will put all our efforts into ensuring security of the people, the rule of law and regional stability.
Here, I would like to exhort all the voters to hold hands with USDP for better future of the people.
Thank you.
Translated by Wallace

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