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U Thet Naing Win, General secretary of the Union Solidarity and Development Party.
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General secretary of the Union Solidarity and Development Party U Thet Naing Win presented the policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 7 February 2017, on Radio and TV programmes.
The full text of his presentation is given below:
Esteemed voters,
I wish you physical and mental well-being with due respect. I am (U) Thet Naing Win, the general secretary of the Union Solidarity and Development Party.
Under the multi-party democracy system, it is the people who decide. This being so, only those people’s representatives who are elected and vested with people’s mandate will have the right to bring benefit to the nation and its nationals.
Our party has laid down correct policies and practical programmes to be able to join hands with the people in building up of peaceful, modern, developed democratic nation bringing the national interest to the fore. With this objectives, we have contested the multi-party general election held on 7th November, 2010 and won the public support and have become the ruling party. Truthful to the voting public, we have performed the duties of a government in the service of our people.
As we place national cause in the fore, we have decided to contest the 2017 multi-party democracy bye election to be able to effectuate more effectively the national interest. In this regard, I’d like to emphasise that we’ll resort to fair means only in our endeavour to accept the decision of the voting public.
Our voters,
We were born as a political party as required by our history and with solemn commitment to ensure perpetuation of our motherland, perpetuity of sovereignty, national solidarity, emergence of a peaceful, modern, developed democratic country, fulfillment of security of indigenous people, food, clothing and shelter needs and social requirements as well as to enable the people to enjoy human rights and democracy. Our USDP party is a nationalist party.
To be in accord with a party that always brings to the fore the people’s aspirations, we focused our attention on people’s aspirations in formulation of party’s policies. We are constantly exerting effort to fulfil the aspirations and needs of the people. Such being the case, whatever our party members do, they are told to be people-centered, to give priority to the cause of the people, to ensure the stability and peace of the country and to help implement the socio-economic development of the people. This is our party’s belief, which we hold invariably.
We place in the front the democratic cause, civil rights, human rights, equality and justice. In doing so, we are committed to making concerted effort according to the democratic practices, preserving national pride and adhering to the cultural mores of indigenous people. Moreover, we vow to co-operate with the political parties and all indigenous people to establish a union based on democracy and genuine federal system.
Voting public,
As it is our party’s government that has initiated the reform to turn the country into a democratic one aspired by the people, we can say that “democratic reform is started by USDP”. In this regard, we have launched the democratic reform in three phases.
In the first phase, which is the preparatory phase, the military government took time to draft the 2008 constitution with an aim to effectuate the democratic nation and in a manner to include all indigenous races and people from all strata. Then, 2010 multi-party general election was held to prepare for the ruling party to form the hluttaws and the government. It’s us who have paved the democratic path.
In the second phase, we have managed the peaceful transition to a democratic nation in a stable and smooth manner. This has won our country international recognition with the result that the international relations has improved significantly.
In the third phase, which is a transition to mature democracy, there has arisen a need to give priority to stability and peace as we’re being faced with internal conflicts and racial conflicts. Solution has been sought through dialogue to ensure signing of a ceasefire accord, internal peace and national reconciliation.
As a result, an agreement has been reached to adopt two basic political principles – to find solution to armed conflicts through political means and to build a union based on federal system to effectuate equality among the indigenous races. As a consequence, nation-wide ceasefire agreement (NCA) has been signed, opening the door to peace.
When we were the ruling party, we were able to lay down the foundation for building a democratic nation in accord with the people’s aspirations. Party, Hluttaw and the government have realized the party’s policies and programmes. We did not just utter the words. The history has witnessed that we have proved by the deed. As we can be seen differently when compared to world’s events, it is true that we have a different political culture. Our party understands people’s aspirations for a change and we will try to find out their needs so that we can fulfil them.
USDP will contest the coming bye election to be possessed with a chance to establish a peaceful, modern, developed democratic nation, joining hands with the people with its correct policies and programmes.
Voters from respective constituencies will vote in the coming bye election for those candidates who are really able to bring benefit to the people in their constituencies. It is necessary for the representatives the people vote for to be able to really serve their voters and to bring benefit to their constituencies. In this regard, it is needed to judge the candidates based on their performance – present and past.
We believe in your discretion because you are well aware that which party, organization and individual are true to their words, abiding by the saying, “Not in word but in deed”.
In building up of a nation, political, economic, social and public affairs management are to be handled in synchronization. In addition, we also need to effectuate sectoral development at the same time. Just as it is needed to formulate correct policies, it is also necessary to realize them in actual practice. Construction of a new, democratic nation requires a lot of experienced, qualified, human resources.
Assumption of the duties of a government involves striking a proper balance between needs and wants of the people within the budget constraints. We also need to consider our human resources and historical background. This is the reason why the political parties around the world study the political, social, economic and public affairs management continuously so that they are well prepared to perform the national duties in case they are elected by the people. So, our party is well prepared because we know no party ever wins in democratic nations.
People have to choose the party that can promote their quality of life in actual practice.
Esteemed voters,
Voters should decide based not only on the qualifications of the candidates but also on the merits of the party they represent. Our USDP has laid down strong policies, and we have chosen the candidates who are qualified and who will exert their utmost effort for their constituencies. Our party and our party representing candidates will
– give priority to strengthening the national cause and national interest;
– give priority to fulfilling the food, clothing and shelter needs of the people and ensuring security of their social life;
– promote private economic sector for development of national economy;
– give priority to enforce the rule of law inclusive of combat against narcotic drugs;
– to encourage and provide help to achieve internal peace; and
– build a republic which exercises democracy within the bounds of law.
I would like to reiterate that our USDP is a nationalist party, which will exist till the doomsday. As long as there exists USDP, we give a solemn guarantee that we can always be proud of our nation and our race and the territory of Myanmar shall never change.
Esteemed people,
– vote for USDP if you really want to establish a union based on federal system because USDP is the party that can sustain achievement in democracy, internal peace and national reconciliation;
– vote for USDP if you want to lead a peaceful and prosperous life because USDP is the party that can preserve and protect the country;
– vote for USDP because USDP is the party that can promote the socio-economic life of the people;
– vote for USDP because both the party and the candidates are the most reliable ones. (Thank you all).
“Let’s vote for USDP for a real change”. (Unofficial Translation)

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