United National Congress Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

United National Congress Party Vice-Chairman (1) U Htoon Win presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 21 September.

I am Vice-Chairman (1) U Htoon Win of the United National Congress Party. While every eligible vot-er right now is unsure of for whom to give their precious vote, we dare not ask them to put it in for our party representatives. We merely request you to support us when you understand our party’s political activities.
Citizens, workers, farmers, labourers, students, and people of all ages — esteemed greetings to all of you. May you possess peace and auspiciousness.
I will briefly explain our party’s progress. The current United National Congress Party (UNC) was reistered on 28-2-2012. We contested in the 1990 election with the same name. Before that, Bogyoke had urged U Razak to form the Burma Muslim Congress (BMC) to unite scattered Muslims across the nation as a political strength for independence and then became a part of the Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League (AFPFL).
We were able to build unity with no discrimination between the highland and flat plains and sign the Panglong Agreement. We achieved independence. Even after independence, BMC continued to be a prominent ally of AFPFL on the political stage up till 30 September 1956 in internal peace, rehabilitation and increasing industrial production. We were successful to a point neighbouring countries looked up to us. But we were taken apart like scaffolding afterwards.
The party was disbanded, and BMC (New) was formed on 1 October, and BaPaKa was formed in 1961. They allied with PaMaNyaTa and became the opposing political force. To perpetuate the Burma Socialist Programme Party, all other political parties were disbanded in 1964.
We contested in the 1990 election as the United National Congress Party. When political parties were allowed to form for the 2010 elections, we finished registering in 2012.
If we look back at our history, no matter what name change takes place for the political climate, all citi-zens united in establishing the nation and protecting it. They had equal rights and opportunities and high national integrity. We all need equal opportunity to participate in the affairs of the country as we have used to together in protection, construction and modern development.
We came into close contact with the various societies for the 2014 census, and we would want that extensive human resources to be wasted. Our neighbours who are ahead were able to use the communities because they are dependable even if there are differences. A nation whose policies ignore the minorities will never have genuine peace or development. Discrimination is now vanishing in the middle of COVID, and people are helping each other through all difficulties. That is admirable.
We organized the national conference in City Hotel, Yangon, on 24 October 2018 to prepare for this election by cooperating with everyone for the nation, implementing methods for mutual understanding, acknowledgement through patience, practising love and compassion, and believing in collaborating.

Esteemed voters and people
Everyone is born equal, and Myanmar citizens need equal rights to have equality. Every ethnic group requires self-determination and to create their own destiny. There needs to be a democratic nation that values human value and integrity, equal human rights for all nationalities, religions and genders.
The market economy system has to be healthy and thriving in a nation. State monopolies and private monopolies must be abolished, and free competition laws must be enacted. The State must support small and medium enterprises.
Labour wages need to consider clothing and living expenses as well. The State must bear the cost for health and education, and up to two-thirds of the highest payments from the State Budget should be used to cover those costs.
Farmers need guarantees to own their farmlands. They should have the choice to select the crops that make the most business sense. Large landlord systems must be prevented legally. The State must bear the cost of agricultural assistance. Confiscated land must be returned to their original owners without delay.
Homeless citizens in rural areas should be given land from public land through a raffle system. The State must provide for those who cannot afford to buy their own land. The government needs to build low-cost housing projects for the homeless in urban areas. Laws must be enacted to have companies do the same for their employees.
Liberal democratic education must be established, and students must be taught to nurture their own thinking and decision-making skills from respected and compassionate teachers. Students should also be linked to international colleges and universities where they can get practical, research-based and theoretical experiences. All university students must have a dorm room prevented from growing up among bad influence. Student and teacher unions must be allowed to
form freely, and each movement must deal with integrity.
Our party representatives can come to explain these policies to the doorsteps of our voters. We have already distributed our announcement for success:
1. UNC is a political party formed to participate in resolving the nation’s political issues through political methods;
2. UNC will cooperate with everyone in national political issues and clearly define their own duty;
3. UNC will cooperate with all ethnic groups, nationalities, political parties, civil society organizations and networks for the right to forge our own destiny, freedom to practice any religion and culture towards establishing a genuine federal democratic union that does not discriminate race, religion or gender;
4. UNC stands together with everyone for democratic culture, eliminating authoritarianism, freedom from majority influence, and everyone who has been involved in the freedom for farmers, workers, students, merchants, employees and religious clergies;
5. We will work for the people’s interest without hate speech but with love, without separation but with unity, without restriction but with the freedom to fulfil the needs of the people;
6. We will carry out our duties within and outside the Hluttaws and hope those who have mis-judged us see the truth, better understand us with clarity.
Thus, we admirably request the public to cast their votes for us as we enter this multiparty election. Thank you.

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