Unity and so-called unity

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[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]N politics, unity is the most common word of all. Every politician or political group appeals for it and works for it. However, some societies succeed in building unity while others collapse in the middle of their appeals for unity.
Unity means the state of being in agreement and working together. For every group of a society to agree with one another and to work together, it is important to have a common goal since different goals distract the societal groups from unity.
The common goal does not mean the goal of the most powerful groups of the society or the majority of groups in the society. It must be a goal set up through consensus-building among every group of the society and it must reflect the interests of all the societal groups.
Otherwise, the common goal will just be a so-called common goal which may have been set up through the pressure of the most powerful groups of the society. As a result, some societal groups will not agree with it and will not work together for it when they are strong enough to counter the pressure.
The main cause of the collapse of unity in a society is the so-called unity to work towards the so-called common goal. Societies collapse due to the so-called unity that only reflects the interests of the most powerful groups. Such societies always have to build unity repeatedly along their histories and when the most powerful is not strong enough to be the most powerful, the societies collapse into pieces in a chaotic manner.

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