Unity in diversity is our destiny


Myanmar had been enjoying stability and prosperity under its own monarchy over the course of history before falling under British occupation. Its days of glory have since then passed, leaving the country amid an independence struggle and then the games of power struggle soon after independence. In other words, the country has survived painful days, with its wounds still bleeding.
A glance at what has torn the country apart in the past decades is enough to reveal that the pains have resulted from war, oppression, poverty and ethnic conflict, all of which are nowadays worsened by land-grabbing, corruption and  economic injustice.
A multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, Myanmar needs to pay careful consideration to how to handle the rights of all ethnic groups and religious faiths so that it can be peaceful and prosperous as a democracy.
Even with peace talks in progress, the problem of ethnic conflict remains unsolved. No matter how much we say we have a great love for peace, it is impossible to restore peace as long as stakeholders harbour a grudge against each other. It will not be far wrong to conclude that the country is now in a position in which we cannot afford even a single misstep.
In spite of differences in race, gender and religion, people have one thing in common, which is love for peace.
Martin Luther King once marvelously stated, “We have guided missiles and misguided men”, warning that the human race has been left with two choices, “either nonviolence or nonexistence”.
Everyone has a dream and that dream is none but peace. Awkwardly, peace still remains a dream. It is high time that Myanmar evolved into a love-oriented society. Only then will we be able to dry the tears our beloved motherland has shed and clean the blood she has shed.

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