Unity is our strongest weapon

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  • The peace and happiness enjoyed by our country’s people, including ethnic nationals, has been evident of late. The entire country celebrated the New Year’s Day and the Independence Day, two occasions relevant to all citizens, peacefully. Everyone also took part yesterday in the New Year celebrations of the Kayin, who are among the ethnic families of our country.
    Myanmar is a Union with Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, Shan, and other ethnic races spread across different states and regions. The fact that they live harmoniously with each other, while representing their respective region or state, shows that our country is indeed a Union. In addition, each ethnic culture is at liberty to celebrate their significant occasions, which points to the freedom and unity enjoyed in our country.
    “Such good traditions and customs are very valuable resources for the establishment of a democratic union. At such an important time like this when we are facing internal and external challenges, the abilities and spirit of each and every ethnic national are indeed very important. The united consolidated strength of all of us constitutes a very powerful weapon for the defence and security of our country,” said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her message for the Kayin New Year on 6 January.
    Honesty, diligence, and the ability to act decisively and unite people by instilling faithfulness, cheerfulness, solidarity, and optimism, are all honorable traits passed down to the Kayin people from their ancestors. And it is these traits that can be a priceless source of strength for the entire country. Likewise, other ethnic races have exhibited their positive attributes across the country.
    This reflects the Union spirit our ethnic brothers and sisters have in their hearts. This combined unanimity is the strongest weapon guarding our independence and sovereignty. It is with this weapon our forefathers were able to keep our Union intact for thousands of years and establish an independent country.
    While our ethnic brothers and sisters are able to freely observe their culture and traditions, there are those who are facing the horrible consequences of internal armed conflicts. We sympathize with them. Their condition has strengthened our belief that we need to strive for peace that is inclusive.
    We believe every ethnic national will be able to display the same set of skills and courage that the honest and calm Kayin people manifest in the peace process and endeavor for national reconciliation.
    We would like to urge each and every citizen of this country to continue the noble traditions our ancestors passed down, with foresight, for the perpetuation of the country, over the course of thousands of years, so they are upheld for generations to come. This cohesive unity is the strongest weapon that can help safeguard our beloved country.
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