Unity is the essence of peace

  • The people of Myanmar have been witnessing armed conflicts for nearly 70 years and can no longer wait for peace. Long drawn conflicts have harmed communal peace even in areas they have not directly touched. Armed conflicts have brought nothing but misery to our people. It is regrettable to see people living in insecurity.
    Peace cannot be built only for an individual, an organization, or an ethnic group, but has to encompass the whole Union. Peace is necessary for the security and safety of our brethren who have been residing in the country through thick and thin. Rule of law is sine qua non for peace.
    To achieve peace, we must work hard with a strong desire, strong spirit, relentless effort, and the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong. Only this can help prevent our country from being deprived of democracy and human rights, curb violence and exploitation, and stop us from becoming a Union where people are not happy.
    Through experiences in the past, we have understood how evils such as corruption, injustice, and bribery can cripple the government machinery.
    When it comes to establishing the rule of law, it is not an easy task even in areas free of armed conflict. So, we can imagine how difficult the same task can be in conflict-stricken areas. Hence, the incumbent government is making efforts for cessation of armed conflicts through dialogue.
    Our history reflects our significant achievements in establishing peace and stability during periods when all ethnic people were united.
    As per the Panglong Pact signed by the ethnic brethren, the Union was first established on the basis of consultation, discussion, co-ordination, and agreement. The term ‘Panglong’ — a very simple, short name — is pleasing and exciting for all people who care about the Union. Panglong is recognized not as a ceremony, but as a valuable part of our history.
    History never ends, it is constantly being written.The history of Panglong began with the leaders of our struggle for independence. It is now our duty to ensure the conference ends successfully.
    Today, Myanmar is on the road to democracy and the government is carrying out rehabilitation and establishing the rule of law. We believe that the country will reach its goal of a federal democratic union with the combined strength of all ethnic people who believe in democracy, human rights, and equality.
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