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Until our dream is assured

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It is interesting to note that successful political leaders in modern democracies are found to be history enthusiasts. By drawing lessons from history, these great leaders deepened their understanding of political forces of different times. This reminds me of what Dr Than Tun, late historian of our country, once said. To echo his words, we need to learn history in order not to be dim-witted. Undeniably, knowledge of history can conjure up the ingredients of dynamic leadership for statesmen to ensure good governance.
After withstanding waves of vast demonstrations across the country and witnessing fruitless protests during the past 30 years, the people have become clever enough to damp down their irritation in the face of new incitement. In other words, they have been totally convinced of the saying “More haste, less speed”.
How calm we can stay during this transitional period is there safe to be taken as a test of our political maturity. While our long-held aspiration is apparently within our reach, any attempt to look the other way will be no more than a silly idea. This highlights the importance of far-sightedness and political awareness until our dream of turning our country into a genuine democracy is assured.

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