Updated information about Covid-19 surveillance at 8:00 pm, 31 March 2020

1. The Ministry of Health and Sports is closely monitoring and conducting surveillance on the Covid-19 at international gateways, at the public hospitals, community-based monitoring and private healthcare facilities.
2. There were 44 new persons under investigation between 6 pm on 30 March and 6 pm on 31 March.
3. Laboratory results of the National Health Laboratory (Yangon) on specimens from a total of 67 persons under investigation and quarantined persons at 7:30 pm 31 March 2020 has shown one positive case of Covid-19 (Table 1), and the remaining 66 persons were tested negative.
4. The Case 15 patient is a 45-year-old Myanmar woman living in Bahan Township, Yangon. She was working at a private clinic of medical services for foreigners. She began suffering fever, sore throat and cough on 27 March, and went to the clinic of Public Health Department in Bahan Township on 30 March. She was then transferred to West Yangon General Hospital and kept as a person under investigation. Her specimens were taken for laboratory tests. She will be admitted to the Waibargi hospital and is now in good health.
5. Out of 14 Covid-19 positive cases, 1 is at Tiddim hospital in Chin State, 9 at Waibargi hospital, 1 at Kandawnadi hospital in Mandalay, 1 at Nay Pyi Taw People’s Hospital, 1 at Lashio People’s Hospital. They are in good health and have been undergoing medical treatments. One of the two positive patients at the Waibargi hospital died in the 31 March morning.
6. As Myanmar has confirmed more Covid-19 positive cases, persons in close contacts with these patients are identified and restricted on their travels. People are advised to strictly follow the awareness of the Ministry of Health and Sports. (Translated by Aung Khin)

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