Upgrading almost complete at Thakayta crocodile farm

Thakayta crocodile farm is upgraded near the Thakayta Industrial Zone. Photo: Myint Maung Soe

The Thakayta crocodile farm has undertaken to upgrade its facilities and conserve the endangered species, while the work is nearly finished.
“We have been upgrading the farm to ensure visitors’ safety since 1 January, 2019. Now, 90 per cent of the repairs and renovations have been done, and it will be completely finished next month. We rebuilt the wood bridge with concrete”, said U Kay Nan Li, an officer of Thakayta Crocodile Farm.
Previously, the farm had been opened to breed commercial crocodiles. But now, the farm has been converted for research activities and preservation. The public can also come to observe crocodiles.
Thakayta crocodile farm is located near the Thakayta industrial zone. It is not well-known, as there are some 20-30 visitors on normal days. The farm, however, is crowded with many visitors, especially on holidays, many of them being university students.
The crocodile farm opened in 1976-77. There are 500 crocodiles, with some species listed as being endangered. Those endangered species are only found in South and Southeast Asia. Among them, Myanmar has preserved the largest number of crocodiles, catching the attention of researchers and visitors.— Myint Maung Soe
(Translated by La Wonn)

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