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Upgrading inner-city roads completed in Mawlamyine

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The photo shows the slab landscaping on Strand Road in Mawlamyine.

The Mawlamyine Development Committee (MDC) conducts upgrade works on entry and existing roads, downtown roads, and Strand Road night market in Mawlamyine township.
“The two miles and seven furlongs Phetkhin Road from Hpa-an and Kyaikmaraw townships is the entryway to Mawlamyine and a major route for trade flows. The large and small vehicles pass through that road and we expand the nylon tar road to 36 feet from 24 feet to facilitate the trade flow and to ensure road safety,” said MDC Executive Officer U Aung Htut.
The committee will upgrade the construction of a platform (drainage), free lane and landscape at Hintha roundabout, the entrance of Mawlamyine during this FY.
He said,” The Taungwyne road is the main road to Mawlamyine University and pagodas at the foot of the Taung Nyo. We also expand the road to 36 feetfrom 24 feet for the safety of university students and residents,
The upgrade works on 4,353 feet long Taungwyne Road is completed and the remaining part from Nagawuntha Creek to the Zay Cho roundabout will be carried out in the 2023-2024FY.
The Strand road is also upgraded in addition to the downtown roads and is now completed 50 per cent.
The MDC official added, “We create Welcome Mawlamyine letters on slab area of Strand Road, in the old location of the night market, decorate granite at the floor, install gymnasium equipment, tennis floor paint, lights and replace new Clay tile.” The Strand Road night market upgrading works were conducted on 7 June 2022 and are slated to be completed on 30 October. —Min Min/GNLM

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