Upgrading of circular railway section to be completed this month

Myanma Railways (MR), divided into eastern and western sections, is implementing the circular railway upgrading project.
The western part of the circular railway project consists of three phases and has been upgraded by A-1 company since 21 February 2018. The three railway stages include a total of 12.25 miles with 3.75 miles in Danyingone-Insein section, 5.5 miles in Insein-Kyimyindine section and 3 miles in Kyimyindine-Pagoda Road section.
The upgrading project of western part was completed. The last project, the inner line of Kyimyindine-Pagoda Road section was completed and opened yesterday morning. Now, the up and down circular trains can operate as usual.
The eastern part of the circular railway project consists of two phases and has been improved by Shwe Taung Company since 21 December 2018. The project’s two phases are 15.75 miles with 7.25 miles in Danyigon-Paywetseikkon section and 8.5 miles in Paywetseikon-Pazundaung section.
The outer line of Yegu-Tamway was opened yesterday. So, the circular railway’s inner line and outer line from Danyingone station to Tamway station was completed. Only the inner line of Tamway-Pazundaung is needed to be upgraded, and it is expected to open at the end of January 2021.
The circular trains are available only in the mornings, evening and during the office hours in the pandemic period. About 3,700 commuters are using the circular trains daily on weekdays, and about 3,100 commuters are using them on the weekends. —GNLM (Translated by Hay Mar)

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