Uphold rules of success to build a federal democratic union

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  • There are four basic ingredients of success: chanda (intention, purpose, desire, or zeal), viriya (diligence and will), citta (right intent and attitude,) and vimansa, or panna (wisdom).
    These transcendent values should be a source of inspiration for us all to achieve success in our lives.
    The people of the country have a strong will to build a peaceful and developed democratic federal union. Just strong will is not enough to reach the goal. We need strong diligence. The four principles can guide us to reach our goal.
    The four principles expound universal truths. There is no substitute for action. But action cannot deliver the desired result without perseverance.
    Likewise, an action without wisdom can pull us off the road to success.
    The four basic values can guide all people to work together to reach the goal of a peaceful and developed federal democratic union. All people, in their own capacity, have the chance to practice the four principles. We believe that if we channelize our capacities in the right way, we can reach our goal within a short time.
    Meanwhile, our people need to heighten the spirit of cooperation and make collaborative efforts for development, making the best use of emerging opportunities, and understanding why our country lagged behind in development compared with neighboring countries.
    All ethnic nationals in the Union need to show unity. This is the requirement of the present moment. It is a historical requirement and a preparation for the future. Those who live together in the Union need to work together, for better or worse, to overcome the challenges the country is facing at present.
    The opportunity is now in the hands of all of us. The historical duty of establishing a democratic federal union for our future generations is now resting on our
    All citizens must work in unison to bring about peace and development. Only then can we build a democratic federal union sooner than expected. So, let’s double our efforts with courage and use the four bases of mental power to achieve our goal.
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