US deputy national security advisor held press conference

Mr Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor to the US President. Photo: MNA
Mr Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor to the US President. Photo: MNA

Mr Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor to the US President, held a press conference on his visit to Myanmar at the American Centre in Yangon on Tuesday.
At the press conference, he said that Myanmar was in the process of the transition in its reform and he had visited Myanmar during President Obama’s tour to the country last November.
His visit this time coincided with signing of ceasefire agreement and preparations for election on 8 November, he added.
He said that the country and the people were going through an important period and the elections would be inclusive.
He pointed out that it was necessary for the election to be transparent and Myanmar would be able to make a historic milestone by allowing the people to fully express their will.
Focusing on elections, he was able to meet with election commission and it was necessary to settle election disputes in accordance with the law, he said.
He said it was important for all to accept the outcome of the election but the political process would not end on completion of the elections and efforts must be made to form a new government.
Assessments of international observers were also important, he said.
Then, he pointed out the importance of role of religions of minorities and said that his country was worried about religious instigations.
The nationwide ceasefire agreement was very important for the country and was the first step toward national reconciliation, he added.
Then, he expressed his belief that implementation of the truce would be successful and Myanmar would see real development.
He also said that it was necessary for remaining ethnic groups to cooperate in the process and efforts must be made for stability and peace in Rakhine State.
He also said that President Obama had recognized that political transition of Myanmar was a complicated process and it would take time to overcome challenges of Myanmar as they could not be overcome overnight.
He said that positive signs could be seen in political development of Myanmar and it was encouraging to see political parties, individual candidates and the people were enthusiastic about the democratic transition while the media were also cooperating in the process by reporting news in accordance with the freedom of expression.
He responded to questions raised by the media.—MNA

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