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US$6 mln foreign investment flows in April this 2022-2023FY

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Nearly US$6 million investment has come in Myanmar in April 2022, according to the Department of Investment and Company Administration (DICA). Of the investments, $2.782 million from China, $2 million, including increased investment, from Taipei, $1.215 million from Hong Kong, and a total of $5.997 million in foreign investment came in.
As of April 2022, Singapore’s investment in Myanmar is over $24.677 billion, counting for only 27.09 per cent of the total foreign investment. Within six months, Singapore is the biggest investor in Myanmar with over $297 million.
In the six months of the 2021-2022 mini-budget period, $297.349 million from Singapore, $142.137 million from China, $8.641 million from Taipei, $0.497 million from France, $109.140 million from Hong Kong, $0.550 million from India, $5.1 million from Indonesia and $4.530 million from Japan were invested in Myanmar.
In addition, $0.312 million from Malaysia, $62.693 million from the Republic of Korea, $2 million from Samoa, $1.343 million from Seychelles, $7 million from Thailand, $4 million from the Netherlands, $0.335 million from the UK, and $1.5 million from Nepal have also come in Myanmar, according to the DICA. — TWA/GNLM

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