Use of chemicals planned to clear vegetation from Bagan Pagodas

Chemicals will be used to remove the plants on the pagodas in Bagan, World Heritage Site depending on the values of history and architectural works, according to the Department of Archaeology and National Museum (Bagan Branch).
The department cooperates with the Bagan Heritage Trust (BHT) to remove the vines on the ancient buildings using herbicides as per the priorities.
“The department will work together with the BHT to conserve the ancient heritages in Bagan successively. We also conduct emergency responses to natural disasters that can be sudden in World Heritage Site. In removing the plants on the pagodas, we will work with BHT as there is not enough staff in the laboratory division. We will also conduct capacity-building training for the new generation of BHT,” said U Kyaw Myo Win, director of the department.
The plant removal operation will be conducted monthly. It is reported that it will make regular monitoring procedures on the upper part of the pagoda and research paper reading sessions by cooperating with the department. — ASH/KTZH

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