Use quality strains of cotton for boosting production

Cotton is one of the important crops in Myanmar. Hence, Myanmar people dub it as staple cotton. Local growers generally cultivate quality strains of long and short staple cotton on their croplands. As Myanmar people use cotton in making textiles and personal goods, it is necessary to grow any strains of cotton to meet the local sufficiency of cotton.
In the past, local growers cultivated cotton plants on 450,000 acres of croplands. In 2011, the country placed croplands under cotton plants but the number of sown acreage gradually declined for various reasons. In the previous year, cotton yielded 438.5 visses per acre, and the whole country yielded 198.7 million visses of cotton in total. Currently, the country still requires 363 million visses of cotton.
If local farmers can strive for boosting the production of cotton to 700 visses per acre, the country can reduce the import volume of the cotton year after year. Hence, it is necessary to arrange chances for local growers to cultivate cotton plants on the previous number of sown acreage in regions and states. To do so, local authorities need to meet local cotton growers to fulfil their needs.
It can be seen that local growers prefer to grow long-staple cotton species. However, cotton wool domestically produced from the croplands is of lesser volume as well as needs high quality. As such, both local authorities and farmers are to emphasize the production of quality cotton wool to be used in producing quality threads. Up to now, as the country imports various sizes of threads necessary for making textiles, it is necessary to improve the cultivation and production of cotton without fail.
Local authorities should arrange the expansion of cotton sown acreage, use modern cultivation techniques, boost per-acre yield and distribute quality strains of cotton for local growers. As such, cotton growers, businesspersons and the government are to join hands in seeking necessary quality cotton strains and producing quality cotton wool.
Currently, as the government is striving for seeking modern agricultural techniques in the cultivation of cotton from abroad and the distribution of quality cotton strains in order to meet the local cotton demand, officials from regions and states are to participate in endeavours for boosting the production of cotton.
The use of quality cotton strains and correct agricultural techniques can contribute to producing high quality and boosting the per-acre yield of cotton for meeting the local cotton demand and reducing spending of foreign exchange in reducing import of cotton abroad as well as benefiting the cotton growers.

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