Using a Face Mask to Guard Against the Covid-19 Virus


By Lokethar

The Novel Corona Virus-19 is spreading rapidly throughout the world. The word “Novel” attests to it’s “newness” which means humanity had not encountered it before. Hence it has been groping in the dark to shed light on the nature of the virus. Because of the threat posed by the new virus the world is living through a period torn out of the pages of science fiction novels and their movies. Perhaps just like in the movies humanity will win the day.

Take all measures
Humanity must take all measures to protect itself and avoid contracting the virus to the best of it’s ability. To prevent the virus from getting an upper hand, rules of living are being increasingly mandated in Nations around the world. These rules of living are rooted in the science of Health and Safety in relation to communicable diseases and approved by World bodies.
In Myanmar, which has been affected by the virus, though not to an alarming level like in many other countries, the people have to live by the Rules that Government has formulated to rough over the Novel Corona Virus -19 pandemic as best as they can. The Ministry of Health and Sports with the guidance of the Covid-19 Virus Detection, Prevention and Treatment Central Committee has issued various rules for the citizens to abide by to prevent spread of the Corona Virus -19. The rules include proper use of the “face mask” together with frequent washing of hands as prescribed and “social distancing”. In the meantime it is hoped that the development of a viable vaccine against the virus would be forth coming soon.
Mean while use of a face mask is accepted by most health experts as the being a means among others, of controlling the spread of the virus. The facemask prevents the transmission of the virus through the mouth or nose, identified as the portals of entry of the virus into the body of the wearer. It also prevents the wearer, if he has the infection, from spreading the virus to others through his exhalations, and particularly when coughing and sneezing. In fact it is now mandatory to wear a mask in public in most countries of the world.

The use of the face mask
The use of the face mask to stop the Corona Virus can perhaps be compared to “David’s” slingshot to stop “Goliath”, although some may not agree with the comparison. The efficacy of prevention function of the face mask , like David’s slingshot, is entirely dependent on it’s proper use. The face mask must be put on systematically. It must be worn and adjusted without touching the mask surface, so as to be snug fit on the face. This involves “fitting” the topside of the mask with the pliable insert to clamp closely over the ridge of the nose . The mask is a one-time use item. After use it must be taken off systematically and disposed off so that no one can come in contact with it. One should not touch the mask now and then and afterwards touch the face or any part of it. It can be temporarily removed to take food or drink. But it or another one need to be worn again after thoroughly washing the hands. It does require some patience to wear or remove a mask systematically.
The Authorities have allowed work in factories according to strict rules prescribed. The rules include wearing a face mask at work all the time. Workers should be “trained” to wear their masks properly and to keep them on without touching the outer surface. As people may get the infection without showing any signs, workers must use the masks at all times even after work when in their “Asaungs” (place of stay) together with other workers. It’s the least they can do to prevent the spread of the disease and prevent being quarantined. Work is essential for their livelihood. So they must observe the rules prescribed to keep on working.
With charity to all and malice to none.

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