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Value & Beauty of Democracy


Value & Beauty of Democracy

[dropcap color=”#dd3333″ font=”0″]V[/dropcap]alue is derived from the Latin word valere meaning : Be Worth Value, therefore, means: (1) the worth of a thing in money or goods : (2) estimated worth. (3) Purchasing power. (4) the quality of a thing that makes it more or less desirable, useful, etc. (5) social principles and standards (6) relative duration, intensity.

Beauty is also derived from the Latin word: bellus, meaning pretty. So, beauty means: (1) the quality of being very pleasing in form, color, tone, behavior, etc. (2) a thing having this quality. (3) good looks. (4) a very good looking woman.

-Oxford Dictionary

Now, let’s explore for some more meanings of VALUE & BEAUTY as follows:

V         for       Vision & Values

A         for       Advantages of Democracy

L         for       Loving Democracy

U         for       Unity in Diversity

E         for       Equality of Condition, Opportunity & Treatment


B         for       Benefits of Democracy

E         for       Executive, Legislature & Judiciary

A         for       Accountability

U         for       Universal Suffrage

T         for       Transparency

Y         for       Your Choice

Under democracy, you can dream freely. You can aim at becoming the president of the State. You can have a vision of become a very rich businessman. You can set the goal of become a celebrity or a very successful professional. Under democracy, the sky is the limit for your ambition.

The values of a democratic governmental system are:

Some of the advantages of democracy are:

As human beings, we all want to live and move and have our being in freedom, peace, progress and prosperity. No human being loves tenancy, despotism, oppression, discrimination, racial segregation, cronyism, neoplasm, war, conflict, political and economic insecurity.

If we really love democracy, we must decisively leave the COMFORT ZONE and valiantly enter into the COMBAT ZONE. The characteristics of the two zones are:

Comfort Zone                           Combat Zone

The value and beauty of democracy culminate in PEACE, UNITY AND FRATERNITY. The British colonialism has left us many vestiges of war, conflict, distrust, racial perfidies, even hatred among the national races. If we are going to build democracy in Myanmar, all the negative mental attitudes of the past must be thoroughly wiped out and start building trust, confidence and the spirit of fraternity among all the national races. In this case, the principles of democratic liberty, equality and fraternity must decisively prevail.

Manlaē Sayadaw famously wrote the Magadeva from which a little piece of excerpt is:

“Nobility and Servility

Do not exist in reality

Between man and man.

The only difference is

Between man’s Aware & Wisdom.”

Under democracy, equality of condition, opportunity and treatment must prevail. Every human being is born innocent. Every newly-born human being is mentally, emotionally and spiritual innocent and pure. So, every human being must be treated equally. Politically, economically, educationally, socially, culturally and religiously.

Some of the benefits of democracy are Peace and Progress nationally and internationally in:

But the world as a whole still lagging in the development of morality, maturity and magnificence of mind. The whole wide world is predominantly afflicted with arrogance, greed, hatred, prick, dogma, extremism, terrorism, etc.

Under democracy, in order for the Human Rights, Justice and the Rule of Law to prevail, the three spheres of power must be independently separated into the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. They should supplement, support and complement each other for the maximum impact on the peace, progress and prosperity of the mass of the population. They must just act as instruments of peace, progress and prosperity for People, Planet and the Posterity.

One aspect of the value and beauty of democracy is accountability which means: responsibility for your decisions or actions and expected to explain them when you are asked. e.g. Politicians are ultimately accountable to the voters. The TROIKA for good governance is composed of: Responsibility + Accountability + Transparency. In the final analysis, every human being is ultimately accountable for his/her though, speech and deed.

One of the aspects of the value and beauty of democracy is the system of universal suffrage. Suffrage means the right to vote in political elections. Universal suffrage means the right of all adults to vote. For the universal suffrage to be meaningful, an election should be free and fair. The voter’s right, life and dignity should be respected. For no account, should one’s right to participate in the voting process must be violated. Universal suffrage must be registered, respected and responded.

Transparency means: (1) The quality of something such as an excuse or a lie that allows somebody to see the truth easily. (2) The quality of something such as a situation or an argument, that makes it easy to understand. So, transparency in this case means no cover-up, no fraud no evil design, no intention to get undue personal gain out of one’s duty. So, transparency means working or doing duties above board.

It is up to you, me and all the people to add value and beauty to democracy. It is you choice whether you will be genuinely committed to establishing democracy in your own country.

Every morning, drink hot coffee or drink hot tea; burn your lips and think of DE.

All’s well that ends well.

Long Live democracy!

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