Vandals & Vandalism

  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Those above the sexagenarian age-group had ever faced several experiences about several regimes. To put it simply, we had not yet savored the fruits of the Independence, to the full. Especially, our national brethren had no chance to live in peace in their regions, being displaced by their brethren, holding mistaken belief which is a legacy left by colonialists that had governed the country for a century or so. Hence, flames of wars are still burning in some areas. Today, what the whole populace living in the same land—Myanmar is none other than the Peace, that is to say, nationwide ceasefire & national reconciliation. Though successive governments tried to achieve it, our hope was still far away from our goal. Now, our incumbent government chosen by a landslide victory of the people is trying its best to bring about our long-hoped Peace in the whole country while implementing national economic development.
    In a short period of time, promising signs of its effort are ubiquitous in many sectors. Progress is being seen in Yangon Region, especially. In making changes, some are reluctant to wholeheartedly take part in the regional cabinet’s initiatives. Some even did against the authorities’ changes. Yet, they had to yield to the People’s unprecedented supports. Problems have been solved to satisfactory extent, in traffic-jam and undisciplined sellers on roads, which were annoyed for the city-dwellers for a decade. In fact, these urbanization issues were caused by poor management of previous regimes. Destructive elements and ultra-opportunists would like to take advantages of the existing issues, failing to abide by rules and laws to cause unnecessary conflicts and riots. By nature, bad things happen at the same time as good ones. At the time of implementing new plans for the betterment of the people, vandals are trying to exercise vandalism. As known by all, youths and those wishing to take part in the government’s activity to change new Bus Transport System exerted their concerted effort to contribute voluntary labor. In such a time, pieces of news expressing the destruction of a map of new bus routes in Hlinethayar township were found on the website. Due to the combined effort of local police and conscientious people, the culprits were arrested. Why did they do such destructive activities? We need to ponder about their mischievous deeds. This event may be attributed to two reasons—lack of knowledge on the government’s Cetana in launching the new system and being paid to vandalize to annoy people. Whatever it is, these are mostly least educated. Some people are poor but they will never do such deeds, even if they are paid. Why? It is clear that lack of reading makes them fail to love the truth and disobey rules and laws. So, we firmly believe that the culprits should be severely punished for others not to copy them, and that compulsory education should be extended to the middle level in near future so that everybody can have the sense of obeying law.

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