Vessel owners earning well at Buu Phaya jetty during Tazaungdaing holidays

With Bagan hosting a large number of visitors in the Tazaungdaing holidays, vessel owners at the Buu Phaya jetty are earning well because they have to run more rounds than on normal days.


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Travellers watching sunsets at Jetty near Buu Pagoda in Bagan.  Photo: Ko Htain (Ngathayauk)

“The cost of hiring a vessel is K20,000 per round trip on normal days. But, the rate has shot up to K50,000 per round in the Tazaundaing holidays,” said U Nyan Win, a vessel owner.
“With the Bagan-NyaungU heritage zone packed with a large number of pilgrims and tourists in the Tazaungdaing holiday, people are likely to visit the Tantkyitaung pagoda by vessel. Furthermore, some are willing to look around the pagodas by riding cruise ships on the river,” according to U Aung, a vessel owner. “There are 198 vessels at the Buu Phaya jetty, and sometimes we run only one round per day. But, we can earn more profit on the fullmoon days of Tazaungdaing and Thadingyunt. Visitors rent vessels to cross the river, and they also hire cars to go to the Tantkyitaung Pagoda. Car rental rates range from K18,000 to K25,000, depending on the size of the vehicles. The rates for renting vessels are usually up during holidays, and a vessel driver can earn K25,000 per round. Although visitors have to spend more on transportation, vessel drivers and owners earn well only during holidays,” he added. – Ko Htain (Ngathayauk)
(Translated by La Wonn)

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