Veteran journalists, experts talk on Democratic State, strong Fourth Pillar for Myanmar


Second paper reading session of Myanmar Press Council conducted under the theme of “Democratic State of Myanmar and the establishment of a strong fourth pillar” was held at Ministry of Information Printing and Publishing Department (PPD) Central Press Building, Theinbyu Street, Yangon yesterday morning.
Myanmar News Agency interviewed the journalists and experts who took part in the paper reading session.

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U Ohn Kyaing (Hanthawady U Ohn Kyaing)
Myanmar Press Council Chairman (1)
I’m reading a paper titled “Democratic State of Myanmar and the establishment of a strong fourth pillar.” Nowadays journalists and media personnel are saying there is no press freedom. This is not true. It is our duty to write. We don’t need to ask for the right or permission to write. We have to tell the people what is happening. We have to tell what the government is doing. This is our duty. I don’t understand the meaning of not having press freedom. Just as the people have their rights, we, the media personnel have our rights. Those are the rights to write and speak freely. As long as what we say and write are not against the law, we will freely write and say. We just need to control one thing. We shouldn’t write irresponsibly. We will write according to the media ethic. If we write in that way, we have press freedom. It was with this aim that the title of the paper was chosen.

U Ye Myint Pe (Myanma Alin Chief Editor – Retired, Myanmar Times Daily Chief Editor)
I’m reading a paper titled “Image of the life of a journalist.” I’ll talk and explain about my life as a journalist in Kyaemon. My life as a daily wager, proof reader, reporter, editor to chief editor. A journalist life could not be obtained in an ordinary and simple way. It is a going through a road full of thorns. Much need to be given. Sacrifices had to be made. Books and records need to be compiled. We also need good teachers and guides.

Dr. Tin Hlaing (Bo Hlaing)
“Establishment of Myanmar Press Council and its future work” is the title of the paper I’m reading. The aim is to let people know about the history of Myanmar Press Council. Another aim is to talk about the future work of Myanmar Press Council which was enacted in the law. The paper was prepared as a message to the people as well as for future researchers.

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Professor Dr. Myint Maung Maung
A paper titled “New media sector and public health” is what I’m reading. I’m the sole representative from the medical sector. I have three aims in reading this paper. The first is how much support media is providing to public health. The pros and cons. Another is to inform the people of what is been done locally as well as in ASEAN countries. At the least, well-known journals of the world have an article on public health issue. An article on new medicine and diseases are included. I think specialist and experts from arts and science, engineers and many other subjects and topics will be in the media sector.

U Thein Soe (Thein Soe Thiha Yadana)
Myanmar Press Council member
I was responsible to publish a book after the first paper reading session. The positioning and assigning of the book shops in the printing press compound as well as many other arrangements were my responsibility. News media is very important. I hope youngster keep this in sight. I hope they study and participate to establish sectors that will benefit the country.


By Yi Yi Myint and Ohn Mar Thant
Photo by Zaw Min Latt

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