Vets warn poultry farmers about avian influenza

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Local poultry farmers recently attended lectures on avian influenza and bio-security at the hall of the Myanaung Township Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, Ayeyawady Region, as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of the disease.
Staff Officer Dr. Hlaing Swe shared knowledge about the proper handling of contaminated chicken.
In recent days, bird flu broke out in Monywa, a city of Sagaing Region, where local breeders lost significant numbers of livestock to the disease. As a result, veterinarians conducted training on bio-security measures for poultry farmers and chicken vendors in Myanaung.
Officials of Myanaung Township Development Affairs Committee checked sales of fresh chicken and meats at the Naychi Market in Myanaung.
Veterinarians urged owners of more than 20 poultry farms to seek advice and consultation on breeding tasks from the Township LBVD whenever they extend farms. The departmental officials have plans to provide pesticides for the breeders.
“As a result of cooperation between poultry farmers and departmental officials, Myanaung Township faces only rare outbreaks of bird flu disease with minimal loss. Veterinarians have shared their knowledge of poultry farming with local breeders several times,” Staff Officer Dr. Hlaing Swe told media.

Nay Win Zaw (Myanaung)

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